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Parking In St Leonards, North Sydney

Parking spaces and garages available in St Leonards from Parking Made Easy.

St Leonards Parking Guide

If you’re heading to St. Leonards and you’re driving, finding a parking spot can be a headache, particularly on weekdays. Fortunately, with a bit of preparation and knowledge, you can avoid the stress and enjoy your visit without worrying about where to park. One option is to use one of the various parking garages located in St. Leonards. The Wilson Parking garage on Chandos Street is a popular choice for visitors to the area. It’s conveniently located close to the train station and is open 24 hours a day, making it perfect if you need to park your car overnight. Additionally, the Secure Parking garage on Atchison Street offers affordable rates, particularly if you’re parking for more than three hours.

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Parking, Garages And Car Spaces For Rent - Outdoor Groundfloor Covered Car Space St Leonard

This outdoor fully covered parking space is located on Pacific Highway St Leonards and available to lease.

Parking, Garages And Car Spaces For Rent - Tandem Secure Car Space

This indoor lot parking space is located in St Leonards and available to lease. Security car space available 24/7 access with swipe card.

Parking, Garages And Car Spaces For Rent - Secure Parking 5 Minutes From St Leonards Station

This lock-up garage parking space is located in St Leonards and is available to lease. Security entrance.

Parking, Garages And Car Spaces For Rent - Secure Indoor Parking In Cbd Near Central Station

This indoor lot parking space is located in St leonards and available to lease.

Parking, Garages And Car Spaces For Rent - Indoor Lot Parking Near St Leonards Station

This indoor lot space is located in Lithgow Street, St Leonards and available to lease. Safe, secure and quiet complex.

Parking, Garages And Car Spaces For Rent - Motorcycle Space For Lease In The Jackson Building

Available for rent: 1 x motorcycle space located in the heart of St Leonards, approx 5 mins walk to St Leonards Station.


If you’re looking for free parking, street parking is available but can be limited. It’s important to note that many street parking spaces have time limits and can be limited to one or two hours. You’ll need to pay attention to the signs and plan your visit accordingly. If you’re willing to walk a little further, there are several areas near St. Leonards that offer free street parking with longer time limits. For instance, you can find free street parking along Christie Street, Cleg Street, and Holdsworth Avenue. However, these areas are likely to fill up quickly, particularly during peak periods. Another option is to use public transportation to get to St. Leonards. The train station is serviced by several major train lines and is located close to the heart of the area. This can be a particularly convenient option if you’re coming from other parts of Sydney. Ultimately, whether you choose to park in a garage or use street parking, the key is to plan ahead and be prepared. With a bit of research and knowledge, you can avoid the stress and enjoy all that St. Leonards has to offer.

The Best Cheap Parking Options in St Leonards

St Leonards On-street Parking

Parking on the street is highly scarce and difficult to find. Street parking is $5.90 per hour from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and $3.60 per hour from 6:00 pm onwards.

St Leonards Off-street Parking

Traditional parking in St. Leonards may be expensive. The Wilson Car Park on Christie Street, for instance, charges $9.00 for the first 30 minutes or $49 per day (or $32 with early bird discounts). Online, Parking Made Easy offers private parking spaces near St Leonards for $10 a day. Check out the Sydney Parking Plans.

St Leonards Monthly Parking

Looking to eliminate the daily parking hassle and save some cash? You can opt for Parking Made Easy’s monthly parking plans that provide you with parking access 24/7, Monday through Friday, or even a few days each week, depending on your requirements. Not only does monthly parking offer a discounted rate, but it also saves you from the time-consuming and stressful task of finding a parking spot every day. Monthly parking can provide a long-term financial advantage for those living or working in congested areas. Additionally, Parking Made Easy now provides monthly parking options near St Leonards. Check out our range of cost-effective Sydney Monthly Parking Plans.

St Leonards Free Parking

Cheap and Easy Street Parking at St Leonards

The first hour of parking is free at the St Leonards Square Car Park at 472 Pacific Highway. The first and a half hours of parking is $8, and for the day is $48. Free parking is also available on suburban streets that are nearer to Crows Nest and farther from the major businesses if you are ready to walk.

Public Transport

If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to get around Sydney, public transportation is a great option. Saint Leonards train station is just a short 18-minute train ride from Central Station, making it a convenient location for commuters or visitors who need to get around the city quickly. If you prefer to take the bus, there are several routes that pass through the area, including the 254, 291, and 320. These buses run frequently and provide a great way to explore the surrounding areas or connect to other parts of the city.

Nearby Attractions

St Leonards is a bustling area situated in Sydney’s lower North Shore. It is a significant transportation hub, with St Leonards Station connecting the suburb to the Sydney CBD and beyond. The area is home to two large hospitals - the Royal North Shore Hospital and the North Shore Private Hospital, which makes it a busy destination for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Hotel Urban is a stylish boutique hotel in St Leonards, perfect for those who require easy access to the North Shore’s business district. Nearby Crows Nest is a popular destination for foodies, with a range of delicious cafes and restaurants to choose from. And of course, the nearby North Sydney offers even more shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Where to Find the Most Affordable Parking Lots in St Leonards

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