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Sample Parking Agreement Contract

When entering into any type of arrangement its important that all parties expectations are clearly defined. Below is a sample parking agreement contract which can be used for this but the best way is to enlist the services of a lawyer to draw up a lease agreement.

If you decide to use this parking agreement contract it is strongly advised that you consider all possible obligations that you may incur and your ability to perform those obligations before entering into this agreement.

Happy Couple Signing Their New Parking Contract

Sample Parking Agreement Contract

This agreement is regarding the parking space at (address) ____________________ (“the Parking Space”) made between:
(name) ____________________ of (address) ____________________ (“the Driver”) and
(name) ____________________ of (address) ____________________ (“the Parking Host”)


The Parking Host grants a license to The Driver to park the following vehicle with registration ____________________ in the Parking Space on the dates of ____________________ ("the Renting Period"). The Parking Host warrants to the Driver that he is able to grant the licence set out above.


The fee for the Parking Space shall be $____________________ per day/week/month ("the Fee") which shall be paid as set out below. The total payable amount for the Parking Space during the Renting Period is $____________________. The Driver and the Parking Host agree that the Fee will be paid in advance.


The Driver agrees that in the event the vehicle has not vacated the Parking Space after the expiry of the Parking Period, the Parking Host will have the right to instruct a parking enforcement agent to remove the Vehicle and the Driver will indemnify the Parking Host for all costs relating to this removal.


Either the Driver or the Parking Host may terminate this Agreement by providing ____________________ days/weeks/months notice to the other.


The Driver uses the Parking Space at entirely his own risk. The Parking Host has no liability to the Driver for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from this agreement other than death or personal injury as a result of the Parking Hosts negligence.

Signed by the Parking Host
(name) ____________________ (date) ____________________ and

Signed by the Driver
(name) ____________________ (date) ____________________

This document is a sample parking agreement contract. Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that this parking agreement covers your own specific requirements and if you have any doubts then please consult a legal adviser.

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