Why? Mandy's Story... It's Win-Win!

A big thanks to you for supporting Parking Made Easy by becoming a community member! Its members like you (and Mandy who needed a second car space) which keeps the website service up and running.

Mandy was one of the first Parking Made Easy members and Ill never forget her story... Living in a new apartment complex in Southbank (Melbourne), she is a full time mum with another baby on the way. Her mother in law had moved in to help out and her husband was using the single parking space allotted to them.

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As a Community Member you can start contacting real people who have unused garages, driveways and apartment car spaces for rent where you want to park.

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✔ Do more with your life.

A reserved car space means you wont waste precious time driving looking for parking.

✔ Spend your money on fun.

Residential parking is up to 50% cheaper than paid commercial parking stations.

Rent Your Car Space For Cash

Homeowners Australia wide are making money by renting out their car spaces to drivers who need parking. Its free to list unused apartment parking spaces, garages and driveways on website and homeowners are making up to $400 per month or around $4,000 per year.

How to Appeal Car Parking Fines

Parking fines and tickets are never welcome so Parking Made Easy has searched online to find the best guides on how to appeal, contest and dispute your car parking ticket or fine. Note that this information is of a general nature only and does not constitute legal advice.

Commission Free & Zero Markups

Parking Made Easy is a membership parking club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on local car parking spaces which typically cost as much as 50% less than commercial parking operators and no more expensive council parking fines either.

We’re able to bring you such great savings because of our online only business model. Its FREE to Search and as a paid member your annual membership fees allow us to keep overhead costs down and pass the savings onto you.

How to Value Your Parking Space

So now youve probably made the decision to rent a car parking space, but maybe your not quite sure on how much to rent it for? Here is a quick and easy parking space price guide to help you on your way.

Please note this is general information only. To be certain regarding the value of a parking space it is recommended that you seek the valuation services from a professional.

Compare It To Other Spaces

Sample Parking Agreement Contract

When entering into any type of arrangement its important that all parties expectations are clearly defined. Below is a sample parking agreement contract which can be used for this but the best way is to enlist the services of a lawyer to draw up a lease agreement.

If you decide to use this parking agreement contract it is strongly advised that you consider all possible obligations that you may incur and your ability to perform those obligations before entering into this agreement.

Advocacy to Promote Your Rights

Parking Made Easy works hard to ensure we make a difference for our driver and home owner members to defend and promote their interests, express their views and concerns, access information and services as well as explore choices and options. We run inclusive and engaging campaigns with and on behalf of members to solve many parking problems and ensure councils and governments:

✔ Are questioned on the parking policy they administer,

✔ Participate in and raise significant issues,

✔ Propose parking policy solutions, and,

The Secret For Free Airport Parking

Australians are paying some of the highest airport car parking rates in the world up to hundreds of dollars and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released the Airport Monitoring Report which shows that the major airport parking operators across capital cities are continuing to gouge drivers with expensive parking rates and enjoying absurdly high profit margins.