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About: How It All Started

Hi There,

After being so frustrated and fed up with not being able to find a parking space and expensive parking fines, it was time to do something about it...
So, I created Parking Made Easy. I’d been traveling around the world before Parking Made Easy was created. When I came back to Sydney, I went to visit one of my friends in Paddington and I quickly got frustrated when I couldn’t find any street parking. I noticed many empty driveways on my friend’s street, and when I told him I cannot find a parking space, he showed me his empty garage. That’s when Parking Made Easy emerged as an idea.

Parking In Paddington Is Now Easy

Some people who require inexpensive parking near their place of employment rent garages or driveways for extended periods of time. Or a couple may have two automobiles and reside in an inner-city apartment that only has one parking place.
Others use the parking frequently for activities like attending a local festival or a football game. Additionally, I've heard of working mothers renting out driveways so they can pick up and drop off their kids from school with ease.
Parking Made Easy provides parking solutions for all these types of situations.

I pitched the idea of a website that connected motorists looking for parking with homeowners with extra driveways or garages who were interested in earning some extra money.
The feedback was positive, so I decided to join a community workspace where I developed Parking Made Easy. After 4 months of developing the concept of the website, I launched Parking Made Easy in February 2012.

What is Parking Made Easy?

Parking Made Easy is where drivers rent parking, car spaces, garages, and driveways from real people in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and across Australia. Finding parking has never been simpler thanks to the platform's recent addition of numerous car parking providers, including both commercial parking lots and online players.
We're confident you'll find something useful here!
You have more alternatives for renting out not only your parking space but also other places if you own a home, rental property, or an unused parking lot. For example, you can rent parking for trailers, boats, trailers, trucks, and buses. Even better would be to have space for an airplane or helipad.
This really simplifies parking for all different types of vehicles and increases your earning potential.
As a driver, you’ll skip looking for parking space for ages and quickly find the perfect parking for your car according to your location and budget.

How does Parking Made Easy work?

Once you've logged in, you can search through all the parking spot listings, change your email address and password, and even post listings with your empty parking space. Keep in mind that you can cancel your subscription to our emails or deactivate your account at any moment. So, there are no inquiries, giving you complete freedom over your account. Sign up with a username, email address, and password to gain access to numerous benefits.

You can begin your search for parking spaces as a member of Parking Made Easy by getting in touch with property owners who rent their unused garages, driveways, and apartment vacant car spaces. When you find the perfect parking space right next to your work, you can discuss with the owner to rent it for months.
This eliminates the need to worry about parking every time.
Also, you won’t care about exorbitant parking fees ever again with Parking Made Easy.

Parking Made Easy has a blog that offers useful information on various parking options, or issues like appealing parking tickets. Feel free to join now and look around the website, and how it works, and check the help pages and FAQs. If you need anything else, simply get in touch at our Contact page.


Daniel and The Parking Made Easy Team

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Daniel Battaglia From Parking Made Easy

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