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Parking Made Easy has lots of great stories about our startup journey from 2012 to now and is a favourite for many people, attracting substantial media coverage and audiences across Australia. You can read some of the articles below at your leisure to get to know more about us.

Fairfax Syndication - "Turning a pet peev into a biz idea" reported by Michael Baker on 23 May 2012;

Clover Moore - "Smart City with Chris Anderson – City Talk" speech by the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney on 28 May 2012;

Hey Startup - "Parking Made Easy" interview by Minbo Wang 31 May 2012;

Unashamedly Creative - "Updated: A To Z Of Aussie Collaborative Consumption" 6 August 2012; - "What is a start up? Is your business in this category?" blog by Steve Slisar on 16 August 2012; - "Are business startups not using MYOB?" blog by Steve Slisar on 18 August 2012;

ABC Radio Perth - 720 ABC Mornings - "Parking Made Easy talk back radio with Nedlands Mayor" reported by John McGlue on 20 August 2012;

ABC Radio Perth - 720 ABC Mornings - "Parking Made Easy talk back radio with Founder" reported by John McGlue on 21 August 2012;

Fairfax Syndication - "You can't park here, mayor tells entrepreneur" reported by Rania Spooner on 23 August 2012;

Ninemsn - "Driveway parking business hits roadblock" reported by Martin Zavan on 23 August 2012;

Channel 10 Breakfast - "Parking Made Easy" interview by Paul Henry and Kath Robinson on 24 August 2012;

StartupSmart - "Sydney start-up in bizarre car parking fight with WA mayor" reported by Michelle Hammond on 24 August 2012; - "Parking offers need BCC seal" reported by Lisa Kibsgaard on 6 September 2012; - "Sharing is a renter's best friend" written by Lisa Fox on 7 September 2012; - "Opportunities to lease car park spaces have been listed on a national website but could lead to trouble" reported on 11 September 2012; - "網路出租停車位違法?" 20 September 2012; - "Talking to Startups: Daniel Battaglia from Parking Made Easy" interview on 26 September 2012; - "ParkingMadeEasy - Will a solo founders persistence pay off" written by Zach Kitschke on 10 October 2012; - "Interview: Parking Made Easy" reported by Michelle Lau on 23 October 2012; - "Hunting for car parking goes online" reported by James Gorman on 7 November 2012; - "ParkingMadeEasy: turn your driveway into a money maker" reported by James Gorman on 12 November 2012; - "Collaborative consumption in Australia" blog by Chris Riedy on 28 February 2013; - "ParkingMadeEasy" interview on 15 April 2013;

News Syndication - "Woolworths backs down on massive parking prices at new Wolloomooloo supermarket" reported by Ben McClellan on 5 July 2013; - "Drive - Find cheaper parking in Sydney with click of a mouse" reported 30 August 2013; News - "CBD Parking Secrets" reported by Kate Jones on 16 September 2013;

Fairfax Syndication - "CBD Parking Secrets" reported by Kate Jones on 23 September 2013; - "Spreadsheeting like crazy…" blog by Filipe Cardeira on 23 September 2013; - "Great Sydney Businesses - Parking Made Easy" reported 24 September 2013;

Fairfax Syndication - "How to win an argument" reported by Christopher Niesche on 19 November 2013;

News Syndication - "Melbourne councils fail to crack down on parking permit black market" reported by Neelima Choahan on 6 January 2014;

WIN News Illawarra - "Parking Made Easy" interview by Rob Morrison on May 2014; - "Brisbane City Council warns black market car park rentals are illegal" reported by Matthew Killoran on 21 June 2014;

The West Australian - "PCC threat to private parking deals" reported by Kate Emery on 20 January 2015;

News Syndication - "Confessions of a parking officer: how to get out of paying a fine" reported by Dana McCauley on 1 March 2016;

2GB 873AM Radio - "How To Avoid Paying Parking Fines" interview by Warren Moore on 1 March 2016;

Channel 9 The Today Show - "Dodging the parking fine" interview by David Campbell and Sonia Kruger on 3 March 2016;

News Syndication - "Why single people are giving more back than anyone else" reported by Emma Reynolds on 12 March 2016;

The Toronto Sun - "Website links drivers with private parking spots in Toronto" reported by Jenny Yuen on 13 March 2016;

Smart Company - "How this Sydney business reached 500,000 users via a savvy media campaign" reported by Dinushi Dias on 15 March 2016;

In The Cove - "Lane Cove Your Garage or Driveway Could Make You Money" reported by Jacky on 15 March 2016;

Channel 9 A Current Affair - "Parking Made Easy" interview by Caroline Marcus on 16 March 2016;

News Syndication - "F*** You and Goodbye: The people who quit their jobs in style" reported by Ginger Gorman on 4 April 2016;

Sfist - "Day Around The Bay: 'New Homes In San Francisco From The Low $1,000,000s'" reported by Jack Morse on 5 April 2016;

SFGATE - "An Airbnb for parking offers SF spaces for up to $400/month" reported by Mike Moffitt on 6 April 2016;

KTVU-SF (FOX) - "Parking Cupid" reported by Pam Cook on 7 April 2016;

KBCW - "Parking Cupid" reported by Veronica De La Cruz on 7 April 2016;

Local News for Chinese - "停車版Airbnb:Parking Cupid出租閒置私人車位" reported by Alicia on 8 April 2016;

NOLA - "Airbnb for parking offers spaces for $400 a month, website reports" reported by Greg LaRose on 15 April 2016;

In The Black - "5 ways your commute will improve by 2020" reported by Adam Courtenay on 23 May 2016;

Short Press - "Why keeping staff excited is key to a productive business" reported by Sylvia Pennington on 26 May 2016;

Short Press - "Three ways to get educated and business savvy" reported by Lakshmi Singh on 31 May 2016;

Fairfax Syndication - "CBD residents renting out parking spots slugged with congestion levy" reported by Benjamin Preiss on 2 June 2016; 97.1FM Radio - "Parking Made Easy talk back radio" reported by Judy-Anne on 9 June 2016;

Forge Magazine - "Entrepreneurs on vacation" reported on 10 June 2016;

Executive Style & AFR - "Work-life balance is the impossible dream" reported by Nina Hendy on 19 July 2016;

The Courier Mail - "Entrepreneur fights NRMA over innovative plan to make parking easy for motorists" reported by Anthony Marx on 20 July 2016;

News Syndication - "Start-up boss planning to sue NRMA in David and Goliath intellectual property battle" reported by Liz Burke on 25 July 2016; Radio - "Parking Made Easy talk back radio" reported by Bill Woods on 26 July 2016;

ABC7News - "QUICK TIP: Get paid to rent your empty parking space" reported by Michael Finney on 10 April 2019;

Dynamic Business - "What Small Businesses Can Learn From The Nrma And Parking Made Easy Dispute" reported by Dominic Green on 8 August 2016;

The New Daily - "The new digital nomads: Australian workers roaming the globe" reported by Linda Moon on 10 December 2016;

Fairfax Syndication - "How we saved $50,000 paying no rent for a year" reported by Caroline James on 15 February 2017;

ANZ Grow Magazine - "Can you get a better return on your super?" case study by Sylvia Pennington on 19 June 2017;

Executive Style - "What is a life coach and how can they help you" reported by Gary Nunn on 21 June 2017;

The Huffington Post - "What That Digital Device Is Doing To Your Toddler's Mind" reported by Suvi Mahonen on 12 July 2017;

Information Age - "SMEs under cyber attack" By Emily Chantiri on 9 Jun 2022;

Radio Fremantle 107.9FM - "Di’s Delightful Drive Time" interviewed by Di Lynne on 8 May 2023 3.30pm;

City Monitor - "Living the dream: The future of parking" authored by Daniel Battaglia on 17 May 2023;

CEO Blog Nation - "17 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Keep Track of Their Numbers" authored by Ashok on 7 June 2023;

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