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Sunshine Coast Park’n’fly Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Tired of the parking rates at the airport? Flying from Perth or Sunshine Coast airport? Then, Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly provides the best solution by offering a website where you can compare, and book parking at either of these airports easily. They provide indoor and outdoor parking at their facilities which are very close to both airports.

What does Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly’s do?

When you go on the Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly website, the first feature that you see is the quick parking quote. By selecting your entries and exit dates and times, including one of the two airports, Perth or Sunshine Coast, the website quickly generates a quote with the cheapest parking rate.

In terms of Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly parking services, they have limited options available. You can either choose indoor parking or outdoor parking. According to their statements, Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly makes parking easy, is cost-effective, and is conveniently located close to the Sunshine Coast Airport. However, only two of these statements are completely true as their prices are expensive.

Sunshine Coast Park’n’fly Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Can I book parking online?

There is room for improvement when it comes to Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly’ design. Although the information is visible and easily accessible, the design could be improved. You can get confused when navigating through this website. Even if the booking feature is easy to use, its placement on the website is confusing. However, the Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly website functions perfectly, loading pages fast, while the booking feature is easy to use.

How to contact them about parking

If you have questions regarding their services, Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly created a FAQs section in which you can find answers to the most frequent questions. For example, canceling a booking is only allowed with a 24 hours’ notice, while you will be refunded only 50% of your booking. Considering this point, you need to be careful when booking parking through Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly because it is expensive to cancel. If you have more questions, Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly provides all possible methods of Contact.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Easy to use
  • Quick functionality
  • Close to Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Many promotions
  • CONs

  • 24-hour notice for Cancellation (Refund of 50% of your booking)
  • Confusing design
  • Expensive prices
  • Limited parking options
  • Caravans, Buses, Large Commercial Vans or Motor Homes not allowed
  • A Comprehensive Review of Sunshine Coast Park’n’fly: Pros and Cons

    There are no reviews available online on Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly’s services.

    Should you buy Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly’s services?

    • Buy if you do not want to park at the airport
    • Don’t buy if you need more and cheaper parking options

    We recommend you check Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly’s parking services. However, booking parking through this website might not be the best idea because of the expensive parking rates. Also, Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly offers limited parking options, including outdoor and indoor parking. If you have a caravan, bus, or large commercial van or motor home, these facilities are not for you.

    As discussed, they only provide two parking options. If you choose Secure Indoor Parking, you will benefit from on-demand valet service, 24-hour surveillance, and 100% undercover parking. This will certainly protect your car from any weather conditions while you are away. If you choose Secure Outdoor Parking, you will receive the same benefits, excluding the undercover aspect.

    What about their competitor’s parking services?

    The main competition of Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly is the Sunshine Coast Airport’s website. If you are traveling from this airport, both websites provide parking services. However, considering the many disadvantages of parking with Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly, then you might consider parking directly at the airport. Also, Sunshine Coast Airport provides five parking options, while Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly has only indoor and outdoor parking.

    Another difference is the cancellation process. If you book parking through Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly and want to cancel your booking, you need to do this 24 hours before your booking. Also, you will receive a 50% refund for your booking. On the other side, Sunshine Coast Airport provides free cancellation up to 2 hours before your entry time. Considering all these points, we recommend choosing Sunshine Coast Airport’s services.

    Sunshine Coast Park’n’fly: A Detailed Summary of Services

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