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Upark Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Looking for a secure parking spot in Adelaide? When going to UPark website, you can enter your address in Adelaide only and UPark will automatically generate parking locations from the closest one to your location to the furthest one.
Since UPark provides parking solutions only for Adelaide, then the number of their parking locations is 10, including UPark Rundle Street, UPark Gawler Place, UPark Topham Mall, UPark Central Market, UPark Wyatt Street, UPark Light Square, UPark Frome Street, UPark Pirie Flinders, UPark Grote Street, and UPark Andrew.

What does UPark do?

If you are a driver who is looking for quick and secure parking in one of those 10 parking locations provided by UPark, then this website is one of the best choices.

Can I book parking online?

When you enter your address and are shown the 10 parking locations, you can only view their information, such as their location, nearby attractions, hours of operation, and opening hours.

Also, UPark shows you directions to your chosen parking. All these options are easy to use, and very visible. So, the UPark website has great functionality when it comes to the booking process.
In terms of user experience, this service is easy to use and very accessible. If you want to book a parking space through their website, then you would need to create an account or get UPark Plus. According to UPark, this card gives you access to all UParks located throughout the city with your individual UPark Plus account for hourly, monthly, or both types of parking.

An Empty Parking Lot Under A Building

To enter and depart the parking lot, you touch your UPark Plus card on the reader. With no need to handle tickets or push buttons, there is no need to stand in line at the pay station. This brings convenience to any driver who needs quick parking, without booking or waiting in line to pay for tickets. Therefore, the concept is executed nicely when it comes to user experience, design, and functionality.

How to contact them about parking

Another friendly aspect of UPark’s design is its method of Contact. If you have any questions regarding UPark services, you can call, or email them. For better visibility and efficiency, you can find this information at any point while navigating the website since it is part of the footer.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Special deals
  • Exciting competitions
  • Access to all UPark locations (UPark Plus)
  • Pay by touching your card (UPark Plus)
  • Affordable prices (depending on the UPark location)


  • Booking available when having an account or getting UPark Plus
  • Some parking locations do not have booking available

There are no reviews available from UPark’s customers on Trustpilot, ProductReview, or other reviewing websites.

Should you buy UPark’s services?

  • Buy if you get the UPark Plus
  • Don’t buy if you want free parking services

As mentioned previously, UPark provides parking solutions across Adelaide in 10 UPark parking locations. According to their website, they provide Day, Early Bird, Night, Weekend, and Public Holiday Parking. Depending on the UPark locations, the rates for the Day Parking range from $2 to $8, while the rates for Early Bird Parking range from $12 to $20.

If you plan on spending the night out by having dinner, or seeing a show, then Night Parking is for you. When entering at 6pm and exiting by 6.30am from one of UPark locations, you may pay around $8. If you are planning on spending the weekend in Adelaide, then Weekend Parking is the right choice for you, having rates similar to the Night Parking. The same rate applies to Public Holiday Parking; however, the booking online feature is not available for Public Holiday Parking.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

If you do not use UPark’s services, you might use council parking, residential parking, or simply Uber. UPark has no direct competitor, although it competes with other common parking options, including the ones mentioned. If you choose council parking in Adelaide, then you might have to fill many personal details to prove your eligibility. Also, the council parking fees are higher than the parking options you can find on UPark.

Upark Review The Pros Cons and Everything You Need to Know

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