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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Flying from Sunshine Coast Airport, but not sure where to park? We suggest you park exactly at the airport. According to Sunshine Coast Airport’s website, you can save up to 50% on parking when booking online ahead of your flight and planning to stay more than 9 days. When you might be stressed about your flight, the shuttle bus, and where to park your car, Sunshine Coast Airport comes in handy because it provides all these services.

What does Sunshine Coast Airport do?

For pick-ups, drop-offs, short visits, or extended stays, Sunshine Coast Airport offers a variety of on-airport parking choices, including ParkTerminal, ParkCovered, ParkSaver, ParkValue, and ParkValue 2. All are conveniently situated and close to the terminal by foot. Whatever you decide, making an online reservation in advance guarantees your space and lowers your costs.

Qantas Aeroplane Flying From Sunshine Coast Airport

Can I book parking online?

By simply selecting your entry and exit dates and times, the Sunshine Coast Airport website quickly generates the most relevant option for you in terms of budget. Although they mention they have affordable prices, you might pay over $50 for 1-2 days of parking. However, the functionality of the booking feature is of excellent quality, although the prices are not as affordable as they are advertised.

In terms of design, Sunshine Coast Airport uses its logo colors throughout its entire website, having one color for each section of the website. This aspect, along with the well-presented services and features, creates a comprehensive and friendly user experience. However, when you browse down to the pictures of the airport’s services and employees, there is room for improvement. These pictures along with their descriptions are not as well presented as their services.

How to contact them about parking

In terms of customer service, Sunshine Coast Airport provides many guides, especially a Traveller’s Guide that answers the most common customers’ questions. Also, you can check the Traveller’s Guide not only for understanding how to park, but also to be sure how all the procedures are working. If you are not sure how to access some of the airport’s services, you are easily guided by the immense map with directions published on Sunshine Coast Airport.

For more efficiency regarding customer service, you can call Sunshine Coast Airport at the phone number visible at any point during your navigation on the website. For these reasons, Sunshine Coast Airport provides an excellent user experience, while the website has a friendly design and quick functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Save up to 50% when parking for more than 9 consecutive days
  • Quick functionality
  • Friendly design
  • Easy booking feature
  • Many directions on how to use the airport’s services
  • CONs

  • Busy parking
  • Expensive prices
  • Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Review: A Comprehensive Guide

    On TripAdvisor, Sunshine Coast Airport has a 2.5-star rating out of 7 reviews. These ratings are well-balanced as many people appreciate the services offered by the Sunshine Coast Airport, while others disagree. Ian, one reviewer who rated Sunshine Coast Airport with 1-star, considered that the airport has more customers than it can assist. Other reviewers who rated their services with more stars had the same experience regarding overcrowded parking.

    Should you buy Sunshine Coast Airport’s services?

    • Buy if you flight frequently from the Sunshine Coast Airport
    • Don’t buy if you are looking for cheaper parking rates

    As discussed previously, the booking process is an easy one. Also, Sunshine Coast Airport provides a 50% discount on your parking if you plan on staying over 9 consecutive days. However, without discounts, if you choose one of their parking options, you might pay expensive rates for fewer days. Although we recommend buying Sunshine Coast Airport’s services for their convenience, we highly suggest you are careful when choosing your parking option.

    Sunshine Coast Airport provides five parking options. If you need to wait for your friends and family at the airport, you can choose the ParkTerminal parking. This option is created for a short stay, being one of the closest spaces to the terminals, respectively a 1-minute walk to the terminal. If you are looking for the cheapest parking option, the ParkValue is the cheapest option from Sunshine Coast Airport.

    If you are planning on traveling for a longer period, you can choose ParkCovered to protect your car from weather conditions. Also, these parking spaces are secured, being fully fenced for a safer experience. Sunshine Coast Airport also provides ParkSaver, and ParkValue 2 which only works through online booking.

    What about their competitor’s parking services?

    Its competition, Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly, is close to the Sunshine Coast Airport. This website also provides parking for Perth Airport. Although Sunshine Coast Airport offers many more services, you can compare parking rates between these two airports on the Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly. However, apart from their services and the distance to the airport, you are able to cancel 24 hours before your entry with Sunshine Coast Park’n’Fly, while Sunshine Coast Airport allows you to cancel up to two hours before your entry time.

    Pros and Cons of Sunshine Coast Airport Parking: A Review

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