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Australians Spend 3,120 Hours Of Their Life Looking For Parking

Finding parking was the most common difficulty for most drivers, according to the organization that runs an online community where members can simply exchange and lease parking spaces, with homeowners and businesses.
According to new data from online parking marketplace Parkhound, Australians will spend 3,120 hours of their life looking for parking.

Over 43% of the 300 drivers polled claimed to spend more than 15 minutes each trip on average hunting for parking. Surprisingly, 12% said they had spent longer than 20 minutes. Sydney (21 minutes) and Melbourne (19 minutes) take the longest to solve the issue in Australian capital cities. Considering that these are big cities in which the traffic is difficult, parking lots are always busy, and finding parking at peak hours becomes a headache.

A Lot Of Traffic Is Caused By Drivers Looking For Parking

An average Australian driver will travel to a location without a designated parking space more than 300 times each year. Spending so much time seeking parking is not only inefficient and bad for the economy, but it also increases traffic.
Drivers looking for parking are the main reason for gridlock on our roadways. Additionally, as more councils implement resident-only restricted parking, the issue will likely worsen.

Considering these reasons, Parking Made Easy is one of the best tools to assist you in finding parking easier. Drivers can search online for parking spaces at affordable prices, according to their location.
In a first for Australia, drivers will be able to search online for parking spaces at the price they choose, make real-time reservations, and pay for spaces at their desired locations. According to Parkhound, when doing this, drivers can save over 40 hours a year in wasted driving.

Having a booked parking place means you won’t have to drive around hunting for a spot. Consider yourself in a rush, trying to find a parking spot while your phone is ringing nonstop. When there are no signs to be seen on the streets, you visit Parking Made Easy. Numerous possibilities are available with just a few clicks. If none are suitable, you can use our advanced search parameters to discover the best parking according to your budget and location.

Consider The Time Value Of Searching For Parking

Residential parking can be as much as 50% less expensive than commercial parking lots. You may enjoy other facets of life, such as taking a vacation, going to the movies, or dining out at night, by saving money with Parking Made Easy.
Forget about those pricey council parking tickets. You can now enjoy not just easier parking but also a reduction in council parking fees as more property owners began to publish their vacant spaces, such as garages, driveways, or simply any empty or unused parking space.

Parking Made Easy is the largest parking marketplace and database in Australia, including helpful blog posts as well. Parking Made Easy has numerous recommendations on how to value your parking space if you are a property owner and wish to advertise your vacant space.

Like any other sort of real estate, the easiest approach to determine how much to charge for your parking space is to compare it to neighbouring, comparable spaces and their prices. Use the search feature on our website to find parking spaces at their current true market value.

Drivers who wish to live better lives have created Parking Made Easy. In addition to size, each parking area is unique in its location, security, and other characteristics.
If you’re just getting started with car sharing, you might wish to charge less initially and subsequently raise your costs in response to demand. No one will book you if you charge too little, and you won't make as much money as you could if you charge too much.

In any case, Parking Made Easy can save many hours of your life by using our features to find accessible, easier, and affordable parking.

The Shocking Truth Australians Spend 3120 Hours of Their Life Looking for Parking

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