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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Where To Park When Visiting The Gabba Brisbane

Where To Park When Visiting The Gabba Brisbane

The Gabba, formally known as the Brisbane Cricket Ground, stands out as a sports venue in Australia. Situated in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, it plays host to sporting events, like cricket matches, AFL games, and concerts. With its popularity drawing crowds of visitors, finding parking becomes crucial for those attending.

This guide shares tips on where to park when heading to The Gabba to ensure a useful experience.

The Gabba Brisbane A bustling sports stadium with a vibrant atmosphere

On-Site Parking

The Gabba provides on-site parking, primarily designated for event staff, players, and officials. Public parking within the stadium premises is usually not available during events. However, there are designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities that need to be pre-booked through event organizers. If you require parking, it’s recommended to reach out to The Gabba’s management ahead of time to secure a spot and obtain necessary permits.

Nearby Parking Options

Woolloongabba Place Park: Positioned a stroll away from The Gabba, this multi-level car park offers a convenient choice for attendees. The facility provides parking with competitive rates, especially when booked in advance online.

Princess Plaza Car Park: Found at 14 Annerley Road, Princess Plaza Car Park is a choice within walking distance of The Gabba. With plenty of spaces and open 24/7, it's an option for events day or night.

Secure Parking – The Hub: Situated at 232 Wellington Road, Secure Parking boasts numerous parking spaces. It is located just a short stroll away from The Gabba. Known for its reliability and easy access, it strikes a balance between proximity and affordability.

Street Parking

If you're considering street parking around The Gabba, be prepared for some challenges. On event days, finding street parking can be tough with restrictions and permit zones in areas. When opting for street parking, be sure to check all signs to avoid fines or towing.

Recommended Streets

Wellington Road: Some areas offer timed parking that fills up quickly during events.

Vulture Street: Limited street parking is available here with both paid and free options, depending on the time of day.

Stanley Street: It has some parking spots available. They tend to fill up during events.

Parking Alternatives

For those looking to avoid the parking hassle, many eventgoers opt for transportation in Brisbane. The city offers public transport services that make getting to The Gabba a breeze without the stress of finding a parking spot. Here are some alternatives: -

Buses: Various bus routes pass by The Gabba, stopping at Main Street and Vulture Street. The frequent bus services make it a convenient choice.

CityCat Ferries: Taking the CityCat ferry is a peaceful way to get to The Gabba. The Mowbray Park ferry terminal is a walk from the stadium.

Trains: Although there isn't a train station at The Gabba, Park Road and Buranda stations nearby are options for those willing to walk or catch a connecting bus.

Ridesharing and Taxi Options

For those considering ridesharing or taxi services, like Uber and Lyft, are easily accessible in Brisbane. There are designated drop-off and pick-up points near The Gabba for added convenience if you prefer avoiding parking hassles. Keep in mind that during busy event times, there may be some delays due to traffic congestion.

Parking Suggestions

Get There Early: To snag a parking spot, it's wise to arrive in advance of the event kick-off. This allows you the opportunity to locate parking and soak in the event vibes.

Reserve Online: Many parking lots offer discounted rates for bookings. This not only secures your spot but also saves you time and hassle.

Share a Ride: Carpooling with pals not only makes the journey more fun but also reduces the competition for limited parking spaces.

Stay Updated on Event Info: keep an eye on The Gabba’s website or reach out to event organizers for any changes in parking arrangements as they may vary based on the event.


To sum up, although finding parking at The Gabba can be tricky, being aware of your choices and planning ahead can ensure a pleasant visit. Whether you opt for a parking facility, street parking, public transit, or ridesharing, each option has its perks. With some preparation, you can focus on enjoying the event without fretting about where to park.

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