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Parking Made Easy > Vlog > Vlog The Only Brisbane Airport Guide You Need For The Best Parking Options & Making A Trip Stress Free Video

Vlog The Only Brisbane Airport Guide You Need For The Best Parking Options & Making A Trip Stress Free Video

Feel free to watch the video above or at about Brisbane Airport & Parking, listen to the podcast here or read the transcript below. The video provides a comprehensive guide to Brisbane Airport and parking options. It highlights various parking facilities such as Gateway Airport Parking, Sky Clean Airport Parking, Andrews Airport Parking, Park Long, and Park Premium, catering to different needs and budgets. Additionally, it discusses amenities and accommodations near the airport, ensuring a comfortable travel experience. With convenient locations, top-notch security, and a plethora of amenities, Brisbane Airport ensures a stress-free journey. Whether seeking parking or exploring nearby attractions, travelers are equipped with all necessary information for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

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Hey there and welcome to our guide to Brisbane Airport and Parking. If you're heading to

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Brisbane Airport and looking for the best value airport parking options then we've

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got you covered right here in this guide. Let's start with Gateway Airport Parking,

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which is a great park and ride option that offers awesome value, security and service.

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With Chuttle's running on demand you're only about 10 minutes away from the terminal.

00:00:26,600 --> 00:00:31,880
Plus you can even get extra services like valeting and servicing at reception.

00:00:31,880 --> 00:00:38,280
So why not save some cash and book with Gateway Airport Parking today? It's the smart choice

00:00:38,280 --> 00:00:43,540
for a stress free journey. It's a no brainer. If you're looking for a convenient, budget

00:00:43,540 --> 00:00:50,240
friendly transfer to Brisbane Airport then check out Sky Clean Airport Parking. It's

00:00:50,240 --> 00:00:56,360
just 2 minutes away from the airport and runs on demand so it helps you save time and it's

00:00:56,360 --> 00:01:01,240
just so much easier to use. So you can get to your destination with minimal fuss. Plus

00:01:01,240 --> 00:01:05,800
when you arrive at the car park you'll be able to choose which one or your own parking

00:01:05,800 --> 00:01:12,040
space and keep your keys with you in mind for extra peace of mind. Andrews Airport Parking

00:01:12,040 --> 00:01:16,600
is another great option for those looking for convenience. It's Brisbane Airport's

00:01:16,600 --> 00:01:24,040
largest offsite parking option. Just 5 minutes away with 24 hour service and a free shuttle

00:01:24,040 --> 00:01:29,080
that runs on demand once again. Their valet services takes care of everything. All you

00:01:29,080 --> 00:01:34,280
have to do is park up, hand over your keys and hop on that bus. If you need a hand with

00:01:34,280 --> 00:01:37,760
it you're luggage as well, they've got that covered. They're friendly staff and more

00:01:37,760 --> 00:01:42,240
than happy to help you. For long term parking at Brisbane Airport we recommend Park Long.

00:01:42,240 --> 00:01:46,920
It's in the name. Open 24 7, 365 days of the year. They provide valet and car washing

00:01:46,920 --> 00:01:52,400
services as well as an open air over height vehicle car park. It's just a few minutes

00:01:52,400 --> 00:01:57,360
walk away from domestic and international terminals and you can easily get there with

00:01:57,360 --> 00:02:03,760
Skywalk. Park Long for the domestic terminal is located on levels 5 and 9 of the multi-level

00:02:03,760 --> 00:02:09,520
car park and all levels in the long term car park. For premium parking Park Premium on

00:02:09,520 --> 00:02:15,400
level 3 is our best bet and our recommendation for you. It's for domestic flights so it's

00:02:15,400 --> 00:02:20,440
the closest parking to the domestic terminal and offers undercover parking bays just steps

00:02:20,440 --> 00:02:27,720
away from the covered Skywalk. Plus you get express entry and exit vehicle ramps for convenience

00:02:27,720 --> 00:02:32,480
but note that there are height restrictions in this car park. So don't forget about

00:02:32,480 --> 00:02:37,080
that disability parking and if you need it because maybe this option may not be best

00:02:37,080 --> 00:02:41,360
for you. If you're looking for an easier way to park at Brisbane Airport look no further

00:02:41,360 --> 00:02:47,640
than Park Valet. Yes, pre-book online and drive straight up to the valet. Your car will

00:02:47,640 --> 00:02:53,960
be kept safe and secure with 24 hour surveillance plus enjoy car wash facilities too. Domestic

00:02:53,960 --> 00:02:59,120
travellers can access this service via the express ramp on level 3 of the multi-level

00:02:59,120 --> 00:03:05,840
car park and if you want an extra touch of luxury, opt for their concierge facility and

00:03:05,840 --> 00:03:10,920
let them take care of your luggage. When it comes to facilities at Brisbane Airport you

00:03:10,920 --> 00:03:15,800
will be pleasantly surprised. With plenty of shops and eateries you'll be kept well

00:03:15,800 --> 00:03:23,000
fed, watered and entertained. Plus there are ATMs, vending machines, charging stations,

00:03:23,000 --> 00:03:29,960
showers and smoking areas. Everything you need for a smooth trip. If you're looking

00:03:29,960 --> 00:03:35,680
for a place to stay near the airport the Hacienda Airport Motel is a great option. It's set

00:03:35,680 --> 00:03:42,600
in a lush acre of landscape gardens just 8.4km from the airport and offers guests an outdoor

00:03:42,600 --> 00:03:50,960
pool, stylish rooms and a restaurant. Plus free parking and car storage for up to 4 weeks.

00:03:50,960 --> 00:03:56,320
For something more modern the Novo Hotel Brisbane Airport is a great choice. It's just minutes

00:03:56,320 --> 00:04:00,480
from both domestic and international terminals, the best of both worlds, with restaurants,

00:04:00,480 --> 00:04:05,680
bars and shuttle services available to you. And for added peace of mind there's short

00:04:05,680 --> 00:04:11,200
and long term secure parking there. So if you have some extra time before or after your

00:04:11,200 --> 00:04:15,640
flight there are plenty of great things to do near Brisbane Airport so let's cover

00:04:15,640 --> 00:04:20,480
those now. Hit the streets and explore the local neighbourhoods or take a stroll through

00:04:20,480 --> 00:04:26,360
one of the many parks in the area. If you're feeling adventurous why not also try your

00:04:26,360 --> 00:04:32,640
hand at Circus Arts at the Flipside Circus or take a dive into the deep blue with Brisbane

00:04:32,640 --> 00:04:38,120
Dive Academy. So many options to try for every taste. And if you're looking for the

00:04:38,120 --> 00:04:42,400
taste of the local nectar, all the honey, head to one of the many breweries or distilleries

00:04:42,400 --> 00:04:48,360
in the area. You can sample craft beers at Green Beacon Brewing Co or try some delicious

00:04:48,360 --> 00:04:54,840
gin at Brisbane Distillery Company. So if you are hungry to learn more about Brisbane's

00:04:54,840 --> 00:05:01,920
history, be sure to visit the Queensland Maritime Museum or the Boggo Road Jail. And don't

00:05:01,920 --> 00:05:09,680
forget to take home a Boomerang, yes an Aussie icon or other souvenirs to remember your trip.

00:05:09,680 --> 00:05:14,360
In summary, Brisbane Airport has a variety of parking options to suit every budget and

00:05:14,360 --> 00:05:20,360
need with convenient locations and top notch security to hand. Additionally the airport

00:05:20,360 --> 00:05:26,360
itself offers a wide range of amenities including shops, restaurants and lounges to keep you

00:05:26,360 --> 00:05:32,600
comfortable and entertained during your waits and travels. And if you have some extra time

00:05:32,600 --> 00:05:37,880
on your hands there are plenty of fun and interesting things to do to keep you entertained

00:05:37,880 --> 00:05:42,560
just write a stone's throw away from the airport. So don't hesitate to book your

00:05:42,560 --> 00:05:48,160
trip to Brisbane and enjoy a stress free journey. I really hope this video has informed you,

00:05:48,160 --> 00:05:54,000
entertained you and of course given you more details about how to make that Brisbane Airport

00:05:54,000 --> 00:05:56,480
trip that much better.

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