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Read More About Car Parking

An Introduction To Car Parking

It is difficult to imagine a world that is not dominated by the use of personal vehicles. The ease with which we can make our way across the landscape of our countries is an action we oftentimes take for granted.

Like all the other freedoms you enjoy in life, there are accompanying responsibilities when owning and driving a car. There are the obvious ones such as maintenance and the administrative end of licensing and insuring your vehicle. One of the most tedious and sometimes quite costly - and also unavoidable – responsibilities of driving your vehicle is Car Parking it!

In smaller centers and towns, this is not such an issue, even though it can still be a hassle there. In the larger cities, having to find and pay for Car Parking can be the most stressful part of your day. The cost of Car Parking tickets can also add up. Not a single person in the world gets excited about this process.

The need for Car Parking will never disappear while you are driving a vehicle. What can disappear is the stress of finding Car Parking and of seeing another Car Parking ticket on your window. Car Parking Made Easy has, you guessed it, made Car Parking easy. No more driving all over trying to find Car Parking and no more Car Parking tickets to have to contest or pay.

The Ultimate Guide to Car Parking: Everything You Need to Know


60,000,000 cars are produced each year. That means that every minute, there are 115 cars produced worldwide. That’s 6,875 every hour and 165,000 a day. No wonder it is so hard to find Car Parking!

Before we understand how this service will forever change the way you park your vehicles, it’s important to understand how we got here.

Why Cars Are Important

For anyone who grew up after the 1950s, the personal automobile was common. Automobile ownership was growing in the early 1900s in Australia with the Ford Model T, but by the 50s, many families owned or knew a family that owned a car. This technological advancement radically transformed the way people live their lives.

You could decide on a whim to go to a distant location and be able to get their quickly and effectively. That was truly amazing. It opened up the world to many who didn’t travel far from home, ever. In the developing world, it expedited their entire nation’s development process. For the developed nations, it transformed the way they went about their daily living.

The Car Transformed the World

The automobile allowed those living outside the city limits to travel into the city to work for the day and then return home. This was the birth of the suburban community. Why stay in the crowded city if you could leave at the end of the word day and drive home?

The way cities were structured began to change to accommodate this new aspect of life. Streets were built for cars and not horses. Stables were exchanged for Car Parking lots and garages. New businesses sprang up to service these machines. Restaurants adapted their business models to accommodate them. Culturally, the car became a symbol of many different things. Western cultures in particular made the automobile a central piece of their structure.

The Pros and Cons of Different Car Parking Options

The Benefits of Cars

It is easy to understand the appeal. For the average person, the car made activities that were once difficult and expensive, attainable.

That was then. We’ve come a long way since the days of trading in your horse for a car. Today, a car gives you the freedom and mobility to live life on your terms. It gives you a level of personal autonomy that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Consider these benefits you receive from vehicle ownership.

  • Removes the need to wait for public transit.
  • Road trips and travel are possible at a moment’s notice.
  • Your choice of work or the type of business you can run is greatly increased when you are mobile with your vehicle.
  • The average Australian spends 66 minutes a day commuting! If you are going to spend so much time on the road, it is an important part of your life. You should control it.

Why Car Parking is Important

As the world adapted to the car and it began to change the way everyone lived, a new challenge arose. Where do all the cars go? When you aren’t driving, where do you put your vehicle? All new technologies create all-new challenges.

The solutions to these problems included building wider streets to accommodate vehicles, adding a Car Parking space in front of your home and building a personal garage for your automobile. This also created an entire industry that previously didn’t exist. If you drive a car today, there is no escaping this commercial enterprise… The Car Parking lot and Car Parking garage.


The first multi-story Car Parking garage was built in 1918 in Chicago, Illinois.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Parking Deals

The Benefits of Car Parking

It may seem a funny concept to even consider the benefits of Car Parking because they are so obvious. The easiest way to understand the benefits is to look at the situations when Car Parking is not available.

The reason you buy a vehicle is to simplify your life. A car is an amazingly convenient machine…If you can use it. Consider the situation when you are not able to park your car close to where you want to go. Say a concert, a sports game, or a restaurant in the downtown core and Car Parking is not readily available.

While you can go to where these events are happening, you may have to park far away and take public transit. Or you have to pay an exorbitant amount to park for a few hours. You likely will reconsider whether you are committed to your plans.

    Looking at the situation in this way, it’s easy to see the benefits of Car Parking.
  • Car Parking opens up the opportunity to do more activities because you can drive there.
  • The convenience of returning to your car at any moment.
  • Knowing that your vehicle is parked and safe.

Types of Car Parking

There are as many different types of Car Parking spaces as there are vehicles to park. The commercial types of Car Parking are common in large urban centers and all drivers know. These are the multi-story Car Parking garages and Car Parking lots. Often, drivers cringe at the thought of the small fortune that they must pay to secure a spot for a few hours. There is also the street Car Parking option. These can also be quite costly but are typically closer to your destination. Car Parking is also available in residential areas on the streets.

All of these types of Car Parking have great, positive aspects to them. They also share one common, negative trademark. Car Parking fines.

These can be the bane of any driver’s existence. You could have run out of time on the Car Parking meter. The Car Parking signs may have been unclear and you parked in the wrong spot. Incorrectly labelled Car Parking areas often lead to improperly parked cars.

Car Parking fines in Australia is at an all-time high. Aussies are paying an average of $600, 000,000 a year in Car Parking fines. Yes, you read that correctly. 600 MILLION DOLLARS.

The Top Benefits of Car Parking You Need to Know About

Car Parking Made Easy

It has been said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” There is a need, and we have the solution. Car Parking Made Easy tackles all the challenges.

We developed Car Parking Made Easy to solve these problems AND provide opportunity for residents to capitalize on the unused or underused Car Parking spaces they own. How exactly can you do both of these at the same time? Great question!

How It Works

Parking Made Easy is a platform designed to connect the owners of unused or underused Car Parking spaces with those who are searching for a space to park. A digital meeting space where those who need Car Parking can find it nearby from people who have the extra space available for use. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Drivers will enjoy these amazing benefits from using the Car Parking Made Easy platform.

  • Save more time by knowing exactly where to go to park.
  • Save more money by paying reasonable, not ridiculous, prices.
  • Save yourself the stress, the money and wasted time getting and paying or fighting Car Parking fines.
  • Creating a benefit for locals in the community.
  • Paid Car Parking Made Easy community membership has money-back guarantee.
  • As a homeowner who has an extra Car Parking space to rent, you get to enjoy these amazing perks!

  • Make extra money for no extra effort.
  • Have more dispensable income for your expenses.
  • Add value to the local community by offering up an unused or underused Car Parking space.
  • List your Car Parking space for free for thousands of people to see.

Your time and your money are two of the most precious resources you have. You shouldn’t be wasting them unnecessarily on Car Parking your car. You have a vehicle so you can have more personal freedom and autonomy in your life. Don’t let Car Parking the old way limit you.

Sign up as a member at Parking Made Easy and start saving time and money today! You have a 30-day money-back guarantee on your membership if you find our community doesn’t meet your needs.

The Hidden Benefits of Car Parking You Haven't Considered


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