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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Brisbane Airport Parking Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Brisbane Airport Parking Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Flying from Brisbane Airport for a business trip or simply for pleasure? Book parking online easily through its official website, respectively the Brisbane Airport (BNE). The website does not only provide information and booking options for flights, but also for parking. This is a convenient, and quick online booking option for parking your car while you are away.

What does BNE do?

By selecting the terminal, your entry and exit dates and times, the website quickly generates the most relevant options. The functionality and design of the BNE website are of excellent quality.

Brisbane Airport Parking Review: The Pros and Cons of Their Services

Can I book parking online?

When selecting your requirements to book parking, the website subtly guides you with short pop-ups of each function of the booking feature.

You can easily navigate through the BNE website from flights, parking, to even passenger information. BNE provides an excellent space through this website by allowing you to quickly book parking according to your budget, terminal, and period of time.

The parking rates are also affordable. For instance, you can pay $20 for keeping your car parked at their facility for one day that is better than Brisbane's average parking cost. In terms of parking options, BNE provides ParkShort, ParkLong, Guaranteed Space, ParkPremium, Park&Fly, AIRPARK, and ParkValet.

How to contact them about parking

If you need to Contact BNE, you can easily find the necessary information at every point during your navigation on the website. You can either go to the facility, or you can call, or email them. Also, for improved efficiency and customer support, BNE has a blog for airport tips, and travel inspiration. In terms of promotions and discounts, you can sign in to receive this type of information frequently.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Promotions and discounts
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent functionality and
  • Many parking services


  • Online booking might not work properly every time
  • Poor customer service

A Comprehensive Summary of Brisbane Airport Parking Services

Although it seems that BNE provides outstanding customer support, one review on ProductReview says otherwise. RJW, the reviewer who rated BNE with a 3-star rating appreciated the multitude of discounts and promotions offered by BNE. However, he recalled booking parking online, but the ticket not working at the actual facility. When it worked, it doubled the amount of parking, meaning that he had to pay for another ticket, although he booked online.

Should you buy BNE’s services?

  • Buy if you are frequently traveling abroad and need discounts and a quick online booking service
  • Don’t buy online if you can buy a parking ticket when you arrive at the facility

As mentioned previously, you can book parking online through BNE. This is time-efficient when you prepare for a trip abroad and are stressed with all the luggage. For this reason, but also for the number of parking options BNE offers, you should definitely park your car at their facility.

ParkShort is the ideal parking choice for picking up or dropping off family and friends because it is situated directly behind the Terminals. Operating around-the-clock, you may park your car to welcome back loved ones or make a reservation at one of the restaurants in the Terminal to bid a proper farewell. When you reserve parking online at least an hour before your flight, you can save money with rates as low as $5 per hour. If you choose this option, you may pay around $11 for up to 30 minutes.

With ParkLong, you may park close to either Terminal. Simply drive in and park at the safe Terminal car parks to easily begin your journey. This parking option allows you to park over-height vehicles.

BNE also offers Park&Fly, which provides a quick, practical, and hassle-free parking experience. No need to stress about finding a spot; just leave your car in the appropriate Park&Fly drop-off area, give the attendants your keys, and you can be on your way to the gate. This service might cost you around $99 for 4 up to 24 hours.

ParkPremium, which is situated on Level 3 of the Domestic Terminal, makes it simple to locate a park and provides quick access to the Terminal via the skywalk. If you choose this parking option, you will receive express entry and exit benefits. Also, ParkPremium offers 24-hour CCTV for a safe parking experience. If you choose this parking option, you will pay around $99 for 4 up to 24 hours.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

When compared to its competitors, such as Andrew’s Airport Parking, the BNE website is far more trustworthy, easier, and flexible. You might use the services provided by the official airport website, given that Andrew’s Airport Parking offers similar parking services for Brisbane Airport. By choosing to buy parking services from the official website, you will certainly benefit from more features, including being able to walk from your car to your gate.

Is Brisbane Airport Parking Worth It? A Detailed Review

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