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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Daniel’s Car Park Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Daniel’s Car Park Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Looking for a parking spot in the heart of Melbournes CBD? Consider Daniel’s Car Park situated conveniently in Melbourne. This open air car park is highly favored by the construction and building industries due to its ability to accommodate a variety of vehicles.

From passenger buses and minivans to trucks and delivery vans, Daniel's Car Park caters to a range of vehicles, including flatbed trucks, motorhomes, limousines, tow trucks and more. If you own any of these vehicle types, Daniel's Car Park could be the choice for you.

Daniels Car Park Review A Comprehensive Guide to Pros and Cons

What does Daniel’s Car Park do?

Daniel's Car Park offers short term parking options for a range of vehicles. It lacks long term parking choices and indoor parking facilities. Despite being a space, the car park is under 24 hour surveillance regularly patrolled by staff for added security. Additionally, the venue can be used for events or parties. One of the benefits of parking at Daniel's Car Park is its versatility in accommodating vehicle types.

There are opportunities to enhance functionality, especially considering that the website covers parking locations besides Daniel's Car Park. Further details on this topic will be addressed in posts on our website. Navigating through all the information on a page can be challenging as it requires scrolling through sections to find what you need.

Can I book parking online?

It seems that Daniel's Car Park could be more user friendly by simplifying the website interface. Having buttons and options for booking can make it easier to navigate. The current website layout lacks pathways to sections, which can be frustrating especially when you're in a rush and need to secure a parking spot quickly.

On the other side, exploring the website can feel like an adventure as you search for the information you need. However, the design of Daniel's Car Park website may not be optimized for a superior user experience since all features are crammed onto one page without navigation buttons.

If you're unsure about where Daniel's Car Park is located, you can easily find directions on the map provided on their site.

How to contact them about parking

If you have any inquiries regarding the services offered by Daniel's Car Park, feel free to reach out to them via phone, email or by filling out a contact form.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Parking is available for all vehicle types
  • Regularly monitored by staff
  • Situated conveniently in Melbourne CBD
  • The car park offers space with no height restrictions
  • 24 hours surveillance
  • Parking choices


  • Online booking is not an option
  • The car park closes at 10 pm
  • Confusing design
  • Absence of long term parking options
  • High parking fees

A Detailed Look at Daniels Car Park Services Pros Cons and More

There are no reviews for the services provided by Daniel's Car Park.

Should you buy Daniel’s Car Park services?

  • Buy if you own a vehicle of a bigger size than regular cars
  • Don’t buy if you are looking for cheaper parking rates

If you have a truck, van, or any large vehicle, it's worth checking out the services at Daniel's Car Park. They offer short term parking choices, like Early Bird Parking, Evening Parking and Weekend Parking. However, details about these options are not available on their website. If you're interested in purchasing one of these options, you'll need to contact them via phone or email for information.

There are also disadvantages when it comes to parking in Daniel’s Car Park. Not being able to book parking online is an inconvenience for anyone who is looking from the comfort of their homes. Also, Daniel’s Car Park does not provide long-term parking options. So, if you are planning on having a reserved parking spot for the month, then Daniel’s Car Park is not the right choice for you.

Parking at Daniel's Car Park also has its drawbacks. The inability to make parking reservations can be inconvenient for those who prefer booking parking in advance from home. Additionally, long term parking isn't offered at Daniel's Car Park. So, if you're looking for a reserved parking spot, this may not be the fit for your needs.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

You can always choose parking at nearby car parks or council parking.

Is Daniels Car Park Worth Your Time and Money A Review

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