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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Airport Parking Options - Choose The Best One For Your Suitability And Convenience

Airport Parking Options - Choose The Best One For Your Suitability And Convenience

If you are going on a long vacation, then travelling in your car is quite convenient. You did not have to depend on anyone to pick and drop you up at the airport. You are independent and free to take your car and reach the destination. You need to search for cheap Sydney airport parking. If you park your car at the airport then you also do not have to worry about the train arrival time. You will be comfortable and tension-free at every hour.

Forms of parking are as follows -

  • Ensure guaranteed parking

It is best to ensure your comfort with the luggage while parking. You are expecting it to be close to the terminal to minimise walking distance. The guaranteed parking is found in the P1/P2 car park by the domestic terminal. You will also get it near the international airport.

There are online options available for you to book the desired parking space. It will help you in getting a car parked easily. Even after reaching the airport in the end minute, you will catch the flight.

  • Valet parking is available at the airport

The valet parking is also booked online and you can submit the keys to the professional velvet staff. It makes your travel stress free and hassle-free. After landing at the airport you did not have to search for your car keys in your bag or luggage. You will get it ready on the table at hand.

The Mascot valet airport parking is available at domestic and international terminals near the entrance. It usually operates from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm.

  • Blu-Emu parking space

If you are looking for long term parking at the airport then Blu-Emu is the best option for you. The Blu-Emu parking is also the cheap airport parking in Sydney. You will find it cost-effective with major benefits.

The domestic terminal requires a 15 minutes shuttle ride from the parking lot. You can take a 15 minutes shuttle ride to reach the international terminal.

  • Express parking

The express parking space is for car or taxi drivers. It is a quick stop and popular as it is near the domestic and international terminals. These are free for 15 minutes and a taxi driver can also collect the passenger for their next ride.

Types of parking are as follows-

  1. Domestic parking availability

It is best to check your nearest terminal for taking a flight. Two terminals are T2 and T3 and you can select the suitable ones for your car parking.

There are P1 and P2 parking located between T2 and T3. You have to take a 5-minute walk to reach the terminal. It is suitable for both short and long term parking. Valet is the guaranteed parking in a particular space.

P3 car parking is offered at a discounted price and an 8-minute walk to the terminal. The Blu-emu is also a cost-effective parking option. It is an affordable and reasonable parking deal. It takes a 15-minute ride to the domestic terminal.

  1. Short term parking

You should identify your requirements clearly to benefit from the short term parking. There are 15 minutes of free express parking zones. You can also book it online for major convenience.

  1. Long term parking

It is available at both the domestic and international terminals of the airport. You can take advantage of the cheap rates of Blu-Emu parking. There is a free 15-minute shuttle ride of 15 minutes to reach the domestic terminal and a total 30 minutes ride to the international terminal. You can first reach domestic and then take a ride transfer shuttle to international.

There is multiple long term parking available. You can explore online and compare the rates. It is best to decide the suitable option according to your requirements and suitability. If you want to go on a long tour then search for the Wilson parking Sydney airport and get accurate results. It is a safe and secure option with perfect management of car parking.

  1. Motorbike parking at the airport

The motorbike parking is available in the car parking at the airport. It is available in both terminals. You can park your motorbike at the regular car park and identify the rates online. Online booking is the most assured and secure platform to confirm your space for motorbikes parking.

  1. Accessible parking

You will find that the accessible parking space is for travellers from any terminal destination. It is parking for travellers with wheelchairs and has to show a disability parking pass. These are close to the terminals to avoid any inconvenience.

There are 42 spaces available in the domestic parking and these are close to the terminals. You will find 56 bays in the P7 car park area for international flyers.

Online booking availability is also there and you can book it in advance to be on a safer side. It is best to park your car at the airport accordingly and utilises the car parking facility.


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