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Where To Park When Visiting The Sydney Cricket Ground

When planning a visit to the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), you'll find yourself immersed in an experience that caters to sports fans, history enthusiasts, and tourists. Located near Sydney’s business district, the SCG is a top spot for cricket matches, Australian rules football games, and various events.

Iconic Sydney Cricket Ground with lush green pitch

If you're wondering about parking options, this guide has got you covered with all the details to make your SCG trip hassle-free.

On-Site Parking

SCG Car Parks

Limited on-site parking is available at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The primary car parks for SCG events are typically found in the Moore Park area, such as MP1, MP2, MP3, and EP2 car parks. On event days, these parking lots tend to fill up so, it's wise to arrive early. Parking fees vary based on the event; they usually fall between AUD 25 to AUD 30.

Pre-Booking Parking

For events, it's highly recommended to reserve your parking space in advance. Pre-booking not only secures your spot but often comes with discounted rates compared to paying on the day. Websites, such as Wilson Parking and Secure Parking offer the option to pre-book a parking spot, ensuring a smooth arrival experience without any hassle.

Other Parking Choices

Entertainment Quarter (EQ) Car Park

Situated near the SCG, the Entertainment Quarter(EQ) features a parking facility. This car park is a choice, particularly if you plan on exploring dining and entertainment venues in the vicinity before or after the event. Operating 24/7, it offers rates typically ranging from AUD 20 to AUD 25 per day.

Centennial Parklands Parking

Centennial Parklands, located nearby, provides various parking alternatives. While it may involve some walking to reach the SCG, parking at Centennial Parklands can be a less crowded option. The parklands have parking areas with some spots available for free or at lower prices compared to main event parking.

Public Transport and Park & Ride

Light Rail

One of the ways to access the SCG is via Sydney’s Light Rail network. The L2 Randwick Line and L3 Kingsford Line stop at Moore Park, a stroll from the SCG. Opting for rail can be a stress-free alternative to driving and dealing with parking concerns, especially on busy event days.

Bus Travel Options

In Sydney, there are plenty of bus routes that conveniently stop near the SCG. Popular routes, such as 339, 374, 376, and 391 operate regularly, offering an alternative to driving. Special event buses are also available for occasions, providing services from different parts of Sydney straight to the SCG.

Park and Ride Facilities

If you prefer driving but want to avoid parking hassles near the stadium, consider using Park & Ride facilities scattered across Sydney. These spots allow you to park your car and hop on transport to reach the SCG easily. Noteworthy Park & Ride locations include Kingsford Smith Airport, offering parking with a train connection to the city, and suburban stations with parking and trains heading into the city.

Tips for Stress-Free Parking

1. Arrive Early: To ensure an experience during events, aim to arrive at least two hours before kick-off to secure a parking space without any last-minute rush.

2. Event Details: Always make sure to check parking information for each event on either the SCG website or through the event organizer’s page. Some events may have parking arrangements or special guidelines in place.

3. Consider the idea of carpooling: Sharing a ride with friends or family not only decreases the number of vehicles competing for parking spaces but also contributes to an eco-friendly journey.

4. Stay updated: Get Information about real-time traffic applications, like Google Maps or Waze, to stay informed about traffic conditions and discover the route to your parking destination.

5. Be prepared for the weather: Name preparation for the weather in Sydney by bringing clothing, especially if you are parking further away and walking to the SCG.


In conclusion, finding parking at the Sydney Cricket Ground can be challenging during events. However, with some planning and exploring options, such as transportation, and Park & Ride facilities, you can ensure a seamless and pleasant visit. Whether you opt to park on-site or utilize transport, arriving early and staying informed is crucial for a stress-free experience at this renowned venue. Enjoy your time at the SCG!

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