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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Where To Park When Visiting The Melbourne Cricket Ground

Where To Park When Visiting The Melbourne Cricket Ground

If you're gearing up for a day of cricket or footy action at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), you've got your team jersey on, tickets in hand, and that all-important question pops up: Where on Earth do I park?

Fear not, fellow fans, for we're about to embark on a parking expedition around the MCG, ensuring you kick off your matchday with ease.

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1. Yarra Park – The Grand Central of MCG Parking

Picture this: A sea of cars adorned with team flags, fans donned in their team colours, and the buzz of excitement in the air – welcome to Yarra Park, the grand centre of MCG parking. Stretching alongside the MCG, this sprawling park is the go-to destination for many matchday enthusiasts.

Yarra Park offers a mix of casual and pre-booked parking options, making it a versatile choice for visitors. The grassy knolls provide a perfect spot for a pre-game picnic or a post-match debrief. Keep in mind that Yarra Park is a popular choice, so arriving early is the key to securing a prime parking spot and avoiding the last-minute scramble.

2. Melbourne Park – A Stone's Throw Away

For those seeking proximity and convenience, Melbourne Park is your ticket to a stress-free parking experience. Located just a short walk away from the MCG, this multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex offers undercover parking options for both casual and pre-booked attendees.

Melbourne Park is not just about parking; it's an entertainment precinct in its own right. With the iconic Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena as its neighbours, you might find yourself in the midst of a major tennis or entertainment event. While the convenience is undeniable, keep in mind that prices may reflect the prime location.

3. East Melbourne Streets – The Local's Secret

Now, here's a little local tip for the savvy stadium-goer – the streets of East Melbourne. Nestled in the charming residential neighbourhood just east of the MCG, you'll discover hidden pockets of street parking that can be a game-changer on crowded matchdays.

While street parking is often subject to time limits and local regulations, if you arrive early and are willing to stretch your legs with a short walk to the stadium, you might snag a free parking spot. It's a bit like finding treasure – a bit of luck, a bit of local knowledge, and voilà, you've cracked the parking code. You might also get a bit of time to lock in your Unibet online betting favourites while waiting for the match to start.

4. Public Transport – Skip the Parking Puzzle Altogether

Now, let's talk about the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of stress-free matchday commuting – public transport. Melbourne's extensive tram network, in particular, is a fan favourite for getting to the MCG hassle-free. Tram routes 48 and 70 conveniently drop you off near the stadium, and the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground is just a short stroll away.

If you're coming from a bit farther afield, the train stations of Jolimont and Richmond are within walking distance, ensuring you bypass the parking puzzle altogether. Not only does public transport eliminate the stress of finding a parking spot, but it also adds a touch of camaraderie as fans share the journey to the game.

5. Park and Ride – A Winning Combination

For those who prefer the convenience of driving but want to steer clear of the parking chaos near the MCG, the Park and Ride option could be your matchday MVP. Strategically located parking hubs, coupled with efficient shuttle services, allow you to park your vehicle away from the stadium hub and hop on a dedicated bus to the MCG.

Park and Ride options often provide a cost-effective and stress-free solution, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the game rather than navigating traffic. Just be sure to check the availability of these services for your specific matchday.

So, there you have it – a game plan for parking success when heading to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Whether you opt for the buzzing atmosphere of Yarra Park, the convenience of Melbourne Park, the local charm of East Melbourne streets, or the efficiency of public transport, your matchday adventure begins with a stress-free parking strategy.

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