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Where I Parked My Car? Hints For Quickly Finding Your Car

You finally discover a place to park your car after navigating through levels upon levels of parking spaces. After wasting so much time seeking a parking space, you quickly lock your car before leaving. However, as you are on your way, you entirely forget where you parked amid the 100 cars on all the various floors. Or you lost track of which street you parked on because every corner is identical.

You may have felt worried when you realized you had no idea where your car was in the parking lot when you travel for work, family, or for leisure. It is simple to lose your car in the parking lot when seeing the sea of cars which seems endless.

There are several causes for these moments, including:
• You parked it while being exhausted, or otherwise preoccupied.
• You’re parking in an unfamiliar location.
• You are parking a borrowed or rented car.
• You parked for a long term and cannot remember the spot.
• You parked it in a rush.

Most drivers have a method for locating their vehicle after leaving it at their preferred supermarket or even in the parking lot where they work. The key to staying safe while traveling is to maintain your attention and to keep in mind the same useful precautions you take at home.

Never Lose Your Car Again: Tips For Quickly Finding Where You Parked

Quick Techniques to find your car

We recommend a few techniques to quickly identify your car.

Firstly, park close to a recognizable landmark. Try to get a parking spot next to a distinctive structure or sign. The landmark should ideally be something that is visible from a great distance. By doing this, you can be sure of remembering the sign and quickly finding your car. And take a photo too!

Secondly, be sure to note the number on your license plate. There are many people who cannot recall the license plate number of their vehicle. If you have parked a rental car or your friend’s somewhere, it is more difficult. When you rent or borrow a car, make a note, send yourself a text, or take a picture of the license plate number to keep it handy.

Thirdly and most importantly, park away from crowded spaces. Fewer cars will be parked around your vehicle if you park towards the far ends of the lot, making it simpler to see. You’ll have a cross street that will assist you to find it more quickly if you park at one end of the street.

Smart Hacks to Find Where You Parked Your Car Instantly

Using your smartphone to locate your car

Applications on a lot of smartphones can assist you to remember where you parked your car so you can find it later. We found some apps that can help you:

Find My Parked Car: This helps you to save and view your precise parking position later. Press the park button once you’ve parked your car to preserve your position.
Where did I park the car?: This will help you to quickly take a picture of your car’s position, whose location is saved by using GPS and map view.
Google Maps: You can simply tap the blue dot with your location and press ‘save your parking’. The app will save the location and show you later that you parked in that space.

However, if you don’t want to use an app, there are some tips for using parking lots easier. After you’ve parked, use your digital camera or phone to take a picture of the street or row where you are. You will surely get to your car quickly that way. Even better, text yourself the precise street or row where you parked. You will be significantly closer to your parking spot if you do that. Another option would be to call for help if you can’t find your car. There are many airport parking lots and shopping center lots that have the technology to help you locate your car since they are aware that individuals frequently forget where they parked. Call the number listed on the sign and provide your license plate number if you can’t locate your car.

These are some hints for finding your car easier. In any case, finding your car will surely be easier if you use your smartphone to either take a picture of your car’s position or any nearby recognizable sign or use an app for even more efficiency. If you parked a rented or borrowed car, you can also note the license plate to remember it easily.

Instant Car Locator – A Guide To Quickly Find Car Parking Spot

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