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Parking Made Easy > Vlog > Vlog: The Surprising Benefits Of Monthly Parking In Urban Centers | How To Save Money And Hassle Video

Vlog: The Surprising Benefits Of Monthly Parking In Urban Centers | How To Save Money And Hassle Video

Feel free to watch the video above or at about Three Ways To Save Up To 50% Of Your Money With Parking Made Easy, listen to the podcast here or read the transcript below. Find out why having a monthly parking spot is essential in busy cities. With its secure and convenient features, it can help you save time and money while avoiding the daily struggle of searching for a place to park your car. Get all the details by watching this video!

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Hello and welcome. Today we're going to talk about a topic that may not seem exciting,

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but it's actually very important for those who live in urban centres.

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Monthly parking. Cities and municipalities know that parking is crucial in their planning

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of their communities. Adequate parking is needed to accommodate for those who will be

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moving about in the streets. If there isn't enough, people may choose not to come back

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due to the inconvenience. So why is monthly parking so important?

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Let's find out. Monthly parking is important for many types of people. If you live in an

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urban centre, you know that monthly parking spaces are absolutely vital to anyone who

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drives a car, even to those who use public transit. Without the ability to rent monthly

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parking spaces, many people wouldn't have the opportunity to do their work, which would

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lead to less opportunity for many families and businesses. It would be easy to dismiss

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the importance of the ability to rent monthly parking spaces, and that's why we're talking

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about it today. However, they play a critical part in the way that those who live outside

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the city can contribute to the local economy and daily life of the community. Let's talk

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Brad and Jennifer's story for a moment. This is a brilliant example. They had always lived

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in a small town outside of Perth and loved it there. However, there was an amazing opportunity

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for Brad to be promoted. The transfer didn't come with a pay rise now, but it did come

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with a potential for substantial future increase in pay, as well as being well positioned in

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the industry for his dream job. They moved to a new city to do that and pursue their

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goals and dreams. Having lived in a small town, they had never considered the cost of

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needing such renting in monthly terms. Parking is absolutely within their monthly budget.

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So Brad realised that getting to the office and finding parking to rent was more of a

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challenge than he originally expected and anticipated. He decided he would park close

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to the office and find a better situation very soon. He was shocked to find that the

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cost of the parking for rent was upwards of $60 a day, and that was if he got there in

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time. He was told he could rent a good monthly parking space for approximately $1,000 a month.

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This situation put a lot of pressure on Brad, and he and Jennifer had to sit down and look

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at their financial situation. Until then, they discovered a solution to this problem.

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They looked at all the options they could think of. Could Brad really go without driving

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the car to work? No. Should Jennifer return to work to make up for a shortfall in their

00:02:55,880 --> 00:03:01,480
income? Not ideal. Could Brad pick up an extra job in the evenings to pay the rent of the

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cost of that monthly parking? This was also a viable choice, but would take up a good

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part of Brad's evenings. It's just not ideal, is it? So what can you do to avoid

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being in a similar situation to Brad and Jennifer? Look for the monthly parking. That's my

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solution to you. Monthly parking offers so many benefits. Not only can you save money

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by renting a space, but you can also avoid the hassle of searching around for a spot

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every single day. You also have that peace of mind knowing that your car is parked in

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a safe and secure location. Now, monthly parking is available in many locations and offers

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various features such as 24-hour access, a reserved spot and unlimited in-and-out privileges.

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Look for a company that offers the features that best suit your needs. By doing so, you

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can maximise your parking experience and minimise the hassle. So, all in all, monthly parking

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is vital to those who live in urban centres, as you can see. It offers a safe, convenient

00:04:00,840 --> 00:04:06,560
and affordable solution to parking. If you're in need of parking, consider renting a monthly

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spot. It's an investment in your peace of mind and the convenience of your daily life.

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And not only that, it could increase your prospects in your career and lots of wider

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life. So, just want to say thank you for watching. I hope you found this video very useful.

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And again, comment below if you need help, because we at Parking Made Easy can make everything

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that much easier for you.

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