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Vip Car Storage Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Just booked a long holiday overseas? Or are you a FIFO worker and not sure where to park your car for the duration of your being away? If yes, then VIP Car Storage provides excellent parking solutions for you. VIP Car Storage is located just 5-10 minutes away from any of the Perth Airports.

Apart from the 24-hour secure long-term parking, VIP Car Storage also provides restoration projects for classic, or vintage cars, or mechanical services at your request. Without charging an additional fee, VIP Car Storage’s Maintenance Programme start the engines and charge the batteries regularly, so that your car’s components are moving while you are away.

VIP Car Storage Review: Is It Worth the Hype

What does VIP Car Storage do?

Apart from the mentioned long-term secure parking, restoration projects, and mechanical services, VIP Car Storage also provides a Corporate Valet Service which will conveniently park your car at the Airport Terminal when you get back. If you want to add the Wash n Vac Detailing service, VIP Car Storage will make sure your car looks perfect when you arrive back.

In terms of VIP Car Storage’s functionality, the website works great as you can find and access any section of the website at any point. Because of its great functionality and user-friendly design, VIP Car Storage provides an excellent user experience on the website.

Can I book parking online?

However, although the functionality is great, there is no actual online booking service. You can only book parking through VIP Car Storage through their Contact methods.

How to contact them about parking

These include calling them, emailing them, or filling out a form. The form includes little information, such as your name, email, start and end dates of storage, including an optional box for messages that can contain the number of services you require.

Considering these points, VIP Car Storage provides quick customer support; however, not you are not able to book parking online quickly. In terms of their location, VIP Car Storage does not offer any map for security reasons, and you cannot go to the facility and just park your car. You would need to call, email, or fill out a form to book parking.

In terms of pricing, VIP Car Storage’s parking rates start from $50 per week for 4 weeks or longer. So, if you need to park your car for one month, you can pay around $200. Comparing these rates with other nearby car parks, these prices are affordable.

Pros and Cons of VIP Car Storage A Comprehensive Review

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Restoration Projects
  • Mechanical servicing at your request
  • Caravans, Truck, Vans, and Boats
  • Fleet & Company Vehicles
  • Long-term secure parking
  • Wash n Vac Detailing service
  • Corporate Valet Service
  • Affordable parking rates


  • Booking is available by phone, email, or by filling out a form
  • Time-consuming when in a rush
  • No shuttle or service to get to the airport
  • No short-term parking

In terms of online reviews, there are none available on VIP Car Storage’s services.

Should you buy VIP Car Storage services?

  • Buy if you are looking for affordable long-term parking
  • Don’t buy if you are looking for short-term parking to get your family from the airport, or go shopping in the city

VIP Car Storage A Detailed Summary of Services

In addition to the previously mentioned mechanical services, restoration work, and long-term secure parking, VIP Car Storage also offers a Corporate Valet Service that will conveniently park your vehicle at the airport terminal when you return. Also, VIP Car Storage will make sure your car is immaculate if you want to add the Wash n Vac Detailing service.

Therefore, if you are looking for convenience while you are away, VIP Car Storage is one of the best choices for you. Also, if you are a FIFO worker, live overseas, or need corporate parking for your employees, then VIP Car Storage provides great parking solutions for you.

On the other hand, if you plan on parking for a short-term to go to work or pick up your friends and family from the airport quickly, then VIP Car Storage does not provide this type of service. However, if you own a caravan, truck, van, or boat, and are looking for long-term parking for it, then you should check VIP Car Storage’s services.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

In terms of VIP Car Storage’s competition, Sky Park Valet Parking is closer to the Perth Airport and a lot more transparent with its website, regarding its services, prices, and especially the location. Sky Park Valet Parking also provides free shuttle services to and from the airport. Therefore, you can conveniently get to the airport and back to your car without any additional fee.

On the other side, VIP Car Storage is a better alternative for longer stays as they regularly start your cars to make sure they are functional for longer periods. So, if you are living overseas and plan on parking your car, then VIP Car Storage is a better choice. Parking your car with VIP Car Storage for one month is also $70 cheaper than parking with Sky Park Valet Parking.

A Detailed Summary of Vip Car Storage Services

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