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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Sharewithoscar Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Sharewithoscar Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Tired of car parks with special rates and crowded spaces? With sustainable sharing in mind, SharewithOscar found the solution to solving the problems of fluctuating prices, and crowded spaces. By entering your address on SharewithOscar, you can find a cheap parking spot for $1 per hour in various locations across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne within seconds.

What does SharewithOscar do?

The system of SharewithOscar is unique in the sense that your next parking spot won’t be owned by a car park, but by any person who has an available parking space. For this reason, the rates for parking spots might be cheaper than they are at those owned by companies. In the case of a driver who needs to manage a certain area, SharewithOscar can come in handy because you can rent the space for more months.

According to their statement, SharewithOscar’s mission is to solve the issue of overcrowding and unused space by providing everyone with a space to list their spot along with a price. Instead of buying parking services from companies that will consequently build more parking spaces, everyone who has a space can rent it to users of SharewithOscar.

Is Sharewithoscar Worth the Hype? A Comprehensive Review

Can I book parking online?

If you have an empty parking spot, you can rent it, and make an additional income. If you are a driver who is looking for cheaper and easier parking, SharewithOscar provides a great service for you. SharewithOscar has a great user experience because of its quick and simple functionality.

Usually, as a driver, you have hundreds of options presented as small icons with prices on the focused map. If you are still not sure what to choose, SharewithOscar provides the option of sorting the endless choices by price, or by distance.

Due to its straightforward design, it is easier to understand how to use SharewithOscar as a driver who is looking for parking, or as a person who wants to rent an empty parking spot. SharewithOscar offers great advantages for both types of customers, making their services relevant for many communities.

How to contact them about parking

If you have questions about their parking services, you can simply call, or email them.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • No over-crowded spaces
  • Cheaper rates
  • More options
  • Parking spots could be rented for more months
  • Quick service
  • Easier parking
  • Many options
  • CONs

  • There is no security for your parking space
  • No information on the owner
  • Not too many features
  • Sharewithoscar: The Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

    According to Chriselias92, a reviewer published on AppStore that he was able to make $200 a month additional income without doing anything; only by renting an empty space he did not use. From the perspective of a driver, Mathew mentioned that SharewithOscar is very affordable as he paid only $2 per hour in Sydney. Another reviewer, Getsfhwifty123, appreciated the concept because it saves drivers time to look for parking spots.

    Should you buy SharewithOscar’s services?

    • Buy if you are looking for easier and cheaper parking
    • Don’t buy if you don’t trust the concept and need more features

    If you are a driver, SharewithOscar should be at least checked, if not used immediately. SharewithOscar does not only provide a quick parking solution, but also helps businesses in achieving economic growth. As mentioned previously, finding a parking spot is extremely easy.

    If you have a business, and you find managing parking for your employees struggling, then SharewithOscar might be the choice for you. Also, SharewithOscar works with car operators to maximize utilization and increase revenue by accessing an ever-growing customer base. Another area SharewithOscar has expertise in is the Hotel & Accommodation for which they provide digital parking solutions.

    Property owners or managers can also make great use of SharewithOscar’s services because they can unlock the value of their empty parking assets. If you own a house with a garage and a driveway but do not have a car yourself, or you are out all day and parking is empty, listing it on SharewithOscar can quickly generate additional income.

    What about their competitor’s parking services?

    In terms of their competition,, SharewithOscar is a much smaller company, providing parking services across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In comparison, KERB is a global company that is available in around 600 cities and has a much bigger customer base. However, they both have the same purpose, and functionality as they are great for drivers who are looking for quick parking services, or for property owners who want to rent empty spaces.

    A Detailed Analysis of Sharewithoscar's Services

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