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Pripark Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

When you firstly go on the PriPark website, you are instantly impressed by the number of services they offer, and by the modern and friendly design. If you are a driver who is looking for Monthly parking within Australia, PriPark provides around 12 parking locations. In terms of their affordability, the prices range from $88 to even $250.

What does PriPark do?

In response to the rising need from owners of commercial and retail properties for a solution to their parking problems, PriPark was founded in 2007. According to PriPark, it provides parking management and services in an innovative way. Since their services rely mostly on business consultation, there is no online booking available for the 12 parking locations.

As mentioned, PriPark provides parking solutions in 12 locations, including Phonecian Car Park – Broadbeach, Piazza Varsity Lakes, Paddington – Given Terrace, Urban Corner – Townsville, Palm Ave. – Surfers Paradise, Aubrey St. – Surfer’s Paradise, Nerang St – Southport, Lumina Car Park – Southport, Scarborough St – Southport, Laver Dr – Robina, Herston Private Hospital, and Yoga Way – Springfield.

Pripark Review The Pros and Cons of Their Services

Can I book parking online?

Although PriPark has an excellent and modern design, its functionality might not be as relevant for a driver who is just leaving home and wants to book a parking space. The only method of booking Monthly Parking at any of those 12 parking locations is by calling PriPark or filling out a form. So, this might not be the best parking service because there is no online booking, or at least detailed information about each parking locations.

Because of these reasons, the user experience from the perspective of a driver who is quickly looking for parking is not great. For even less efficiency regarding this type of service, you cannot apply filters, or see the accepted vehicle sizes. One aspect that can be understood about any parking location is its type of access. In the case of an emergency, trying to quickly book online a parking space, PriPark cannot provide these services.

How to contact them about parking

If you have questions about their services, you can call PriPark, or fill out a form.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Consultation for parking operators
  • Modern and friendly design


  • No online booking
  • Expensive prices
  • Only 12 parking locations
  • Only Monthly Parking

Cars In Underground Parking Garage

In terms of online reviews, there are none available for PriPark’s services. Considering that they only offer information about 12 parking locations, without having booking available, then it is safe to say that not many drivers use their online service.
There is also no review from park car operators. Although PriPark states that they offer Insights on their services, these are mostly general guides, and there is no presentation of the results of their services.

Should you buy PriPark’s services?

  • Buy if you are a car park operator and need consultation to improve the efficiency of your business, or want Monthly Parking in one of PriPark’s 12 parking locations
  • Don’t buy if you are driver looking for quickly booking parking spots

As earlier mentioned, there is no booking process available for parking spaces. If you are a driver who is looking for Monthly Parking in exactly one of the 12 locations provided by PriPark, then this website is for you. However, if you want quick online booking for a parking space, then you should not buy PriPark’s services.

However, if you are a car park operator, you should at least check their services. According to PriPark, they offer Car Park Enforcement services for business, or landowners struggling with enforcing car park limits, or looking to raise their revenue. Also, this service applies to a university student, or a developer who might need parking consultation. If you want to invest in a car par or have a vacant land you might want to transform into a car park, you should definitely buy PriPark’s services.

According to PriPark, you can also buy car park equipment from them, including automated pay stations, parking ticket machines, digital parking payment options with credit card payment technology, barrier systems with access control, speed humps, wheel stops, height bars, amongst many others.

Pripark can design your parking lot from the planning stages or provide design guidance on already-built parking lots. PriPark works with residential parking lots, retail spaces, and commercial buildings to stop unauthorised and illegal parking and to enforce parking laws.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

If you choose not to use Pripark’s services, you can park at a council parking space, or just use Uber. Although Pripark competes with these common parking options, it has no direct rivals. If you select council parking across Australia, you might need to provide a lot of personal information to demonstrate your eligibility. Additionally, parking rates charged by the council are more expensive than those offered by Pripark. So, Pripark might be a better option for you as opposed to using council parking, or Uber.

A Comprehensive Summary of Priparks Services

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