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Point Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Point Parking specializes in managing large-volume parking lots and retail spaces. With extensive expertise in retail, high-volume parking, and shopping center management, Point Parking is a great choice for parking your car in their facilities.

The Drummoyne-based Point Parking runs a 24-hour control room with the most advanced access control technology. Regardless of the type of equipment, Point Parking can operate the parking lot remotely with assistance from their mobile staff.

Point Parking Review Is It Worth Your Time and Money

What does Point Parking do?

In Australia, Point Parking manages a wide range of commercial parking facilities, and its portfolio is constantly growing. The Point Parking staff has more than ten years of experience, so they are aware of the intense client interaction needed in these kinds of facilities.

To guarantee that the parking experience complements the overall strategy and customer experience being achieved by the facility, Point Parking collaborates closely with clients and offers its expertise in parking management. So, if you own a commercial parking facility or simply need to park your car, Point Parking has options for you in their tens of parking locations across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, or Western Australia.

Can I book parking online?

However, if you want to book parking through the Point Parking website, that will not be possible as there is no booking feature available online. Point Parking presents its parking services and locations in many sections on the website; however, when you go to each parking location’s information, you will only find the hours of operation and a list of prices. If you want to park at Auburn Central, you will not pay anything for the first hours; however, parking your car there for 2 to 3 hours will cost you around $4.

In terms of design, functionality, and overall user experience, Point Parking is quick, simple, and easy to use. Each section is beautifully presented, filled with enough information which can be accessed quickly at any point during your navigation.

How to contact them about parking

To contact them about their services, you simply go to the Contact section, where you can easily find a phone number, email, and map to show you directions to their address. For these reasons, including the longevity of Point Parking as a business, it is safe to say that Point Parking provides excellent customer support.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • 24/7 access to the site when choosing Monthly Parking
  • Over 50 parking locations across Australia
  • Excellent parking management service
  • Advanced parking technologies


  • No online booking features
  • Prices seen on the website do not always match real-life payments
  • No price available or visible on the Monthly Parking
  • Little information on each parking location
  • Crowded parking

Pros and Cons of Using Point Parking Services

In terms of online reviews, Point Parking has a 1.0-star rating on ProductReview. This weak rating is based on six 1-star reviews. Most reviewers complain about changing parking rates without them knowing. Adrian, one reviewer, mentioned having to pay $25 for one hour of parking, although he used Point Parking for many months before and the rates were different.

Winnie, another reviewer who rated Point Parking’s services with 1-star, expressed her disappointment with the customer support since the staff was not clear about how charging works. Also, she ended up paying $20 for one hour of parking with Point Parking. Another reviewer, Lily, complained about the crowded parking as she spent too much time trying to get out of the car park due to poor managed traffic.

Should you buy Point Parking services?

  • Buy if you get the Monthly Parking
  • Don’t buy if you are looking for a quicker and more informative service

Apart from providing parking management services and parking in over 50 locations, Point Parking is a great choice for their Monthly Parking. Although the price is not visible, you can access the parking locations at any time when choosing Monthly Parking. You will also benefit from undercover parking and a reserved spot. So, Point Parking is a great choice for its Monthly Parking option.

However, there are many disadvantages regarding not being able to book online, or not being sure how much you have to buy until you pick up your car. Even if Point Parking comes with disadvantages, this is a great choice for you if you are working in the city and Point Parking’s facilities are conveniently located.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

In terms of Point Parking’s competition, there are many car parks included across Australia. Since Point Parking has facilities in over 50 Australian locations, you can always choose council parking or an Uber if Point Parking’s options are not suitable for you.

Point Parking A Comprehensive Review of Their Services

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