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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Perth Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Perth Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Flying from Perth Airport but not sure where to park? You can park quickly exactly in the airport. Not only do they have online booking available for parking, but they encourage their users to book online. If you get parking online from Perth Airport, you will receive automatically a 65% discount on your parking.

What does Perth Airport do?

Apart from being able to book flights from Perth Airport’s website, you can also book parking, whether you are flying or not.

A Comprehensive Review of Perth Airport Parking: Pros, Cons, and Services

Can I book parking online?

You can book parking online only two hours before your entry time. Although it is not instant, it is still time efficient as you can book parking when you book your flight. To book parking from Perth Airport, you need to select the entry, and exit dates and times, including the terminal.

The functionality of Perth Airport’s website is quick and easy to use. Also, the friendly design works perfectly with every section of the website since every text, image, or any other type of information is very visible, and accessible, being found easily by any user who might be in a rush. As mentioned, booking parking through Perth Airport’s website is not only easy but extremely beneficial for your budget as you receive a 65% discount automatically when you book parking online.

As another promotion, Perth Airport offers one of the best deals, respectively parking your car for 99 days for only $99 with one entry and exit in your selected parking space. Considering the price ranges from other car park operators, this one is extremely convenient. This would mean that you pay almost $100 for over 3 months of parking.

How to contact them about parking

If you want to Contact Perth Airport, they created many categories for each possible issue. So, you can be sure of being assisted quickly when calling or emailing them. Because of the great functionality, design, map, descriptions, and especially the affordable prices, Perth Airport provides an excellent offering.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Affordable prices
  • Many discounts and promotions
  • Great functionality and design
  • Many parking options
  • CONs

  • Over-crowded parking
  • Limited parking options
  • Inside Perth Airport

    On its official Facebook page, Perth Airport has a 3-star rating out of 1081 reviews. Although many customers have issues with the airport’s security for flying purposes, no customer complained about the parking services.

    Should you buy Perth Airport’s services?

    • Buy if you use Perth Airport’s flying services for cheap parking rates
    • Don’t buy if you are a resident and look for accessible and easy parking

    As mentioned earlier, Perth Airport’s parking services bring convenience, proximity, safety, and security. Perth Airport also offers many promotions. For example, if you choose to book parking at Perth Airport through their website, you automatically receive a 65% discount on your parking. Also, they have one of the best deals, respectively parking for 99 days for only $99; however, you can only enter and exit once.

    We highly recommend booking parking through Perth Airport’s website when flying from this airport. If you plan on having a longer trip and need long-term parking, the first hour is free. Also, the promotion for 99 days is in this category. If you wait for your friends at the airport, then you might choose short-term parking. These spaces are extremely close to the check-in, so you can also walk with your friends until that point, and park shortly.

    If you are traveling for business purposes frequently, then Premium Parking is the right choice for you. It brings convenience because it is a 1-minute walk from check-in. You can also cancel this parking or the other ones up to two hours before your entry. This is more secure and safe for your car since it is undercover parking, protecting your car from weather conditions. In any case, we highly recommend Perth Airport’s services for their convenience and value for money.

    What about their competitor’s parking services?

    Although Perth Airport offers excellent parking services, its rival is Hamer Airport Parking which is extremely close to the airport. The biggest difference between Hamer Airport Parking and Perth Airport is the number of discounts the second one offers. As mentioned earlier, if you book parking online, you automatically receive a 65% discount.
    This means that you will pay less than half of the entire price. On the other side, Hamer Airport Parking offers car wash and repair services that can come in handy if you are traveling for a long time and want your car to be perfect when you get back.

    The Ultimate Guide to Perth Airport Parking: Pros, Cons, and Services

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