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Parkopedia Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Looking for a quick way of finding the best deal on parking? If you are a driver, give Parkopedia a try, as it may provide a fast answer to the best car park around you. When you go on Parkopedia, the question ‘Where are you going?’ is the first thing that you see. By entering an address, the website quickly asks for your arrival and leaving times, offering you the best solutions, according to your location, and special rates of each car park.

What does Parkopedia do?

Because of the easy functionality and the focus on seeing the map and the prices at the same time, Parkopedia could be a handy tool in a hurry. It provides sufficient information about the prices, and directions to each car park.

Parkopedia Review: The Ultimate Guide to Pros, Cons, and Services

Can I book parking online?

If you buy their Added Feature, you can book parking through their website or App.

Additionally, Parkopedia offers general information about each car park, such as payment options, location, contact information, range of prices, opening times, or specific features (height restrictions). You can sort the searches by distance, price, or relevance to your own details, including destination, location, arrival, and leaving times. This functionality can prove to be very efficient when you are in a hurry and need quick information.

Due to Parkopedia’ design, the user experience is excellent as every detail and feature provided by them is visible, quickly accessible, and, most importantly, simple. Because of Parkopedia’ friendly user experience, searching for information on the best deals from different car parks is time-efficient and helpful.

How to contact them about parking

Considering that not all their services are free, their customer support is not as quick to answer as it would be expected. If you have any questions regarding Parkopedia, the only method of Contacting them is by Submitting a Form after adding your name, email address, and a short message.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Free informative service
  • Quick comparison between car parks’ deals
  • Friendly and simple design
  • Helpful for managing a budget
  • Real-time parking availability (Added Features)
  • Pre-booking service (Added Features)
  • Ability to pay online (Added Features)
  • CONs

  • Features and special rates are not as detailed as on the car park’s website
  • No option of buying an actual service; it is only informative
  • Contact could be improved
  • Is Parkopedia Worth It? A Comprehensive Review of Its Services

    Many reviews on Trustpilot on Parkopedia are referring to the poor customer support. Amber from the US published her review on 6 September in 2021 regarding a difficulty in Contacting Parkopedia for several times without receiving quick assistance, or detailed answers.

    However, Parkopedia has a 2.1-star rating on Trustpilot, while one user, Doug, rated their services 5 stars out of 5 on 15 November in 2021. He described his experience as positive because Parkopedia resolved an issue he had in a car park in San Francisco. Because of their professionalism and quick response, Parkopedia helped this user with being reimbursed within a few days.

    Should you buy Parkopedia?

    • Buy if you look for a free, quick service to help you find the best deals
    • Don’t check if you require additional help or information rather than what already exists on Parkopedia

    According to Parkopedia, their mission is to answer parking questions anywhere in the world. They are one of the leading providers for many drivers, and important organizations, including Apple, BMW, Audi, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and many others.

    Considering their reputation and popularity, you should check their services. Also, another reason for checking them is due to’ efficiency and friendly design.

    Also, Parkopedia is available in over 89 countries, including street parking driveways, or car parks. It offers detailed information on over 70 million parking spaces, helping drivers since 2007 to find, book, and pay for parking quickly and being well-researched about car parks before deciding on a deal.

    In terms of buying Parkopedia services, this would mean more time-efficient for a driver because it will eliminate the need to go on the car park to book parking after comparing deals on Parkopedia.
    According to Parkopedia, the Added Features include a pre-booking service that allows drivers to book parking through Parkopedia App or website. Also, another feature is a real-time parking availability, and the ability to make payments for parking online. Considering these points, Parkopedia might be one of the best choices for drivers, travelers, workers, commuters, or, simply, anyone who is looking for parking worldwide.

    What about their competitor’s parking services?

    When compared to their competition,, Parkopedia is a better alternative in terms of design, functionality, and features. Also, has a smaller coverage, including New Zealand, Australia, and Asia, while has a worldwide coverage.

    In terms of similarities between these two services, they both have the same purpose, that of helping drivers and businesses finding the best deals for parking. Also, they work on the same principle of comparing deals between different car parks, according to special rates, location, or destination. However, in terms of functionality, design, and payable services, Parkopedia offers more to a driver who is looking for a parking spot quickly.

    Parkopedia: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - A Review

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