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Parkonking Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

An award-winning, cutting-edge parking facility called Park on King provides a hassle-free and reasonably priced alternative to parking at the airport. Minutes from Sydney Airport, Park on King provides a variety of parking alternatives as well as a number of services like an on-demand courtesy bus, round-the-clock security, and hand car washing, amongst others.

What does Park on King do?

When you go to the Park on King’s website, you are instantly approached by a friendly and modern design. Their usage of green, blue, and white is a great choice for making a driver feel like they are already in the car park. If you need a quick parking service close to the Sydney Airport, Park on King might be the perfect choice for you.

Park On King Sydney Airport Parking Spaces

Can I book parking online?

The functionality and design of the pre-booking feature are of an excellent standard. According to Park on King, you can take advantage of many benefits when using this feature, including access to better online rates, and a guaranteed parking space on arrival at the car park. Also, the pre-booking feature is excellent because it is time-saving and allows you to choose your specific requirements.

For these reasons, including the overall excellent design and functionality of not only the pre-booking feature, but of the entire website, Park on King offers an excellent user experience. Their services are quick, affordable, and easy to use. You need to follow three simple steps to pre-book a parking space.

Firstly, you need to choose your parking requirements by selecting your entry and exit dates and times, whether you need car washing services. Secondly, if you are not sure whether you need to park your car exactly at those dates and times provided, you have the Flexi Parking option. This offers you the possibility of canceling your booking with a full refund for an additional $5.99.

Lastly, you review your details and requirements, get your parking quote after paying. The last thing for you to do is to drive to the car park, and simply park.

How to contact them about parking

If you have questions, you can always Contact Park on King by filling out a form or calling them.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Quick and efficient service
  • On-demand Shuttle
  • 24 hours security
  • Hand car wash
  • Charging stations
  • Discounts


  • Difficult cancelation process (except for Flexi Parking)
  • 25% refund, although advertised as 100%
  • Over-crowded

The Pros and Cons of Using Parkonking for Parking Services

Park on King has a 4.5-star rating on ProductReview out of 91 reviews. Although the Flexi Parking option is available, one reviewer who rated Park on King with 1-star expressed their disappointment regarding the cancellation process. On the same subject of booking cancellation, Tricia from Sydney mentioned receiving only 25% of her full refund, although the reason for the cancellation was COVID-19.

On the other side, many reviewers, specifically 77 out of 91, were extremely pleased with their experience when using Park on King’s services. According to Ahmed, he found the Park on King’s services to be extremely convenient and affordable. Also, he appreciated the frequency of the shuttle buses. Jacky, on the other side, appreciated the great customer service, mentioning receiving quick support when he contacted Park on King.

Should you buy ParkOnKing’s services?

  • Buy if you fly from Sydney Airport and need a quick service
  • Don’t buy if you are a Sydney resident and need parking for activities in the city

As mentioned previously, the pre-booking feature is an excellent one. We highly recommend you use this service from Park on King. It is very convenient, easy to use, and quick. If you are traveling for business reasons frequently, then you can choose Corporate Parking from Park on King. By using this service, you might save money because the rates are affordable. Also, it is easy to use, offering multiple airport parking options, including undercover, or outdoor parking.

By becoming a Park on King’s member, then you will enjoy many advantages. When using their services frequently, you automatically become a member of Park on King which has benefits from the loyalty program. This includes earning points and rewards every time you are using their services which can be used for future bookings.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

On the other hand, Sydney Airport is a direct rival to Park on King and provides comparable deals and services. Utilizing these services will make booking, paying, and parking simple. However, compared to the one at Sydney Airport, Park on King has a better and friendlier design. Additionally, Park on King provides extra services like loyalty programmes and hand car washes. Regardless, both offer quick services with a user-friendly layout and superior functionality.

A Comprehensive Review of Parkonking Features Pricing and More

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