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Parking Port Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

For secure, affordable airport parking at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, Parking Port provides a family-oriented Australian-owned and operated service. Their booking process is one of the simplest and fastest in Melbourne. Parking Port runs a speedy, free shuttle service between all domestic and international terminals in Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.

What does Parking Port do?

According to Parking Port, they offer a fast, friendly, secure, and safe parking service. Also, Parking Port is open non-stop, provides free shuttle services, and has one of the cheapest parking rates.

Parking Port Review: The Ultimate Guide to Pros, Cons, and Services

Can I book parking online?

If you want to book parking through Parking Port, you will easily find the booking feature when you go on the website. For more visibility, while you add your details, you can also see on the right all the parking rates, including the times.

In terms of the details, you need to introduce, these are the drop-off and pick-up dates and times, as well as your personal information, including full name, email, and vehicle registration. For more efficiency and convenience, you can also mention other details, such as carried items, bicycles, baby seats, or many others. Regarding their parking rates, these are extremely cheap when compared to other rates from nearby car parks.

If you plan on flying for one day, parking your car at Parking Port will cost you around $25, while for 2 days you will pay $40. If you plan on parking your car for two weeks, the rate of $169 is affordable. Considering these points, Parking Port is a great choice when it comes to your budget. In terms of functionality, the website is quick and easy to use, creating an excellent user experience. If you are in a hurry, booking parking through Parking Port will be quick, being finished within minutes.

How to contact them about parking

If you have any questions regarding Parking Port’s services, you can find their Contact information at any point during your navigation on the website. If you would like to get answers without contacting them, you can always check their FAQs section which is extremely helpful. If your flight cancels, there is no cancellation fee, but you would still be required to let them know about any changes to your booking.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Quick functionality
  • Many parking options
  • Cheap rates
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free Shuttle Bus services to the airport


  • Untrustworthy customer service
  • May be charged extra for booking cancellation
  • Requesting too much personal information for booking
  • Design can be improved

A Lot Of Cars In The Airport Parking

Parking Port has a 4.9-star rating on WordofMouth. Many customers appreciate the affordability of their parking options. Hannah, one reviewer, mentioned having an excellent experience while parking at Parking Port, especially because of their outstanding customer service. Hannah also appreciated the free shuttle services, which are extremely convenient.

On the other side, some customers had fewer positive experiences. Petes, a reviewer who rated Parking Port with 3 stars, recalled how his flight was delayed, causing Parking Port to charge him extra fees, although the website Parking Port mentions the cancellation is free. Tyler, another reviewer who rated Parking Port’s services with 1 star, had one of the worst experiences.

He mentioned that when he picked up his car, Parking Port gave him a copy of his original car keys. This makes the company slightly untrustworthy if the incident was not a mistake. Tyler concluded that he will certainly go to the police, and regrets choosing Parking Port because of their cheaper parking rates.

Should you buy Parking Port’s services?

  • Buy if you are looking for the cheapest parking rates close to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
  • Don’t buy if you would prefer more security to your car

As previously mentioned, Parking Port provides a quick service for booking parking online close to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. In terms of parking options, you can choose Tullamarine Airport short or long-term parking, or long-term vehicle storage of all sizes. If you have a truck or a motor home, this might be one of the best choices for you because there is no height restriction.

Although some customers had negative experiences with the security, Parking Port has regular surveillance on its premises. One of the best services they offer, apart from the parking options, is the free shuttle service to and from the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. If you would like to eliminate the issue of trustworthiness, then they also provide a Keyless bays service, meaning that you will pay around a $10 fee for taking your keys with you.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

Their primary rival, Airport Discount Parking, took a different stance on parking. The preferable option is Airport Discount Parking if you want greater comfort. However, Parking Port is the ideal alternative for you if you’re seeking more parking possibilities and more affordable prices. Additionally, Airport Discount Parking emphasizes feeling opulent whereas Parking Port promotes its services as being affordable and convenient.

Both locations offer covered and secured parking and are close to airports in Melbourne. The biggest and most significant distinction is that, in contrast to Airport Discount Parking, Parking Port’s website allows you to make online reservations for parking.

Is Parking Port Worth It A Comprehensive Review of Services

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