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Monthly Parking Features And Benefits

Why Parking is Important

Cities and municipalities know that parking is a crucial part of the planning of their communities. The amount of free and for rent parking available to residents and visitors needs to be adequate to provide enough, or at least close to, the amount of parking needed to accommodate those who will be moving about in the streets. If there isn’t enough, people may choose to not come back due to the inconvenience. They may also choose to vote in a new municipal or local government that promises to add enough spaces available for parking, either for free or for rent.

The Benefits of Parking

The benefits of parking are many and benefit all sorts of people in the community. Consider this list of individuals and organizations that benefit from the need to park and purchase for rent parking.

Discover the Benefits of Monthly Parking: Features You Need to Know

  • The drivers who need to park
  • The businesses that need customers to be able to get into their stores
  • The companies that need employees to get to work
  • The businesses that run the parking lots
  • The employees that maintain the lots
  • The employees that enforce parking regulations
  • Municipalities and communities benefit from the tax revenue generated by parking. The businesses bring people into the community to shop, which benefits the business and increases the tax revenue.

The list could go on but these are a few of those that benefit from parking…

Why Monthly Parking is Important

The need for a consistent monthly parking space to rent is vitally important for many types of people. If you are living in an urban center, monthly parking spaces are vital to anyone who drives a car, even to some who use public transit. Often, people drive into the city and park near a transit station and take the train or a bus into the city.

Sometimes, those who live in heavily populated downtowns do not have the option of a parking stall. They have to outsource their monthly parking and must rent it from a third party. All of these types of people and more need consistent access to spaces where they can rent parking.

The Benefits of Monthly Parking

Without the ability to rent monthly parking spaces, many people wouldn’t have the opportunity to do their work, which would lead to less opportunity for many families. It would be easy to dismiss the importance of the ability to rent monthly parking spaces. However, they play a critical part in the way that those who live outside the city can contribute to the economy and daily life of the community.

Maximize Your Parking Experience with These Monthly Parking Features

Brad and Jennifer’s Story The Chance of a Lifetime

Meet Jennifer and Brad. They had always lived in a small town outside of Perth and loved it there. However, there was an amazing opportunity for Brad to be promoted. It would be to a different wing of the company and he had been working towards this position for his entire career. The transfer didn’t come with a pay raise but it came with the potential of substantial future increases in pay as well as being well-positioned in the industry for his dream job. He and Jennifer had been working towards this goal for years now and they were going to make it work. Jennifer had recently found out she was pregnant so she quit her job and they moved to a new city to pursue their goals and dreams.

Having lived in a small town, they had never considered the cost of needing to rent monthly parking into their monthly budget. They had always driven up to their parking stalls and parked without the need to rent them. As Jennifer set about getting the home settled after the move and ready for the baby, Brad began going to work. He realized that getting to the office and finding parking to rent was more of a challenge than he originally expected. He decided he would park close to the office and find a better situation soon.

“It Cost How Much to Rent a Parking Space…?!?”

Monthly Parking: Features and Benefits You Cant Afford to Miss

He was shocked to find that the cost of the parking for rent was upwards of 60$ a day, and that was if he got there in time. He was told he could rent a good monthly parking space for approximately 1000$ a month. He was not aware that Australia was the most expensive country in the world to rent parking, and Sydney was the top of that list, with the average rent being $45 USD per day. On the first day, he got a ticket because the meter ran out before he got back to his car, costing him even more than the rent.

This situation put a lot of pressure on Brad. He and Jennifer had sat down to look at their financial situation and discover a solution to this problem. They looked at all the options they could think of.

  • Could Brad go without driving the car to work? He often had to drive from his office to the client’s offices as well as go and pick up items or packages for the management in the office. This made the option of leaving their car at home not workable.
  • Should Jennifer return to work to make up for the shortfall in their income? They had seriously considered this option but at her stage of pregnancy and how sick she had been, this was the very last course of action they were wanting to take.
  • Could Brad pick up an extra job in the evenings to pay the rent cost of monthly parking? This was also a viable choice that would be better than Jennifer trying to find a job and working while pregnant. There were options available but to make an extra $1,000 a month was a lofty goal with a side gig and that would take up a good part of Brad’s evenings. This wasn’t ideal since Jennifer and Brad had hoped to spend the last few months of her pregnancy seeing their new city and enjoying their time together before they welcomed their new baby into their life. They had planned monthly dates and monthly adventures that they were hoping to experience.
  • Lastly, they considered asking Brad’s bosses for a raise or use of one of the company’s monthly parking stalls. The idea of asking for a raise at a brand-new position was thrown out pretty quickly in their conversation. Being his dream job, he wanted to make a great impression and wanted to earn his raises without asking. However, his new employer did have monthly parking stalls available that didn’t cost anything to rent. These monthly parking stalls were reserved for the more senior staff and staff with certain positions. Brad’s dream job, the one he was working towards, would have a stall. He didn’t consider it a good idea to ask for one until he earned it.

Discover the Top Features and Benefits of Monthly Parking

The Solution is Found

He was decided to call his friend from college who used to live in Sydney. His friend informed him that when he worked in Sydney years ago, monthly parking available for rent was very difficult to find. His solution for his monthly parking problem was to use a company called Parking Made Easy. They allowed homeowners and those who had unused parking spaces to rent them out for a reasonable price to others who are looking to rent in the area. He could reserve the spot and rent it as long as he needed for an agreed-upon price.

This seemed like the perfect solution! He immediately looked up Parking Made Easy and searched through their monthly parking for rent section. He found a spot that was close enough to his office that, by leaving home 15 minutes earlier, he could walk to his office after he parked. The rent rates were extremely reasonable and after talking to Jennifer, found room in their budget to pay for the monthly parking costs by cutting back on luxuries. They knew this was temporary as Brad would be getting a promotion and a monthly parking space of his own soon.

Parking Made Easy had given them the option they needed. Everyone they speak to who needs to rent parking or needs to save money hears about their amazing experience with Parking Made Easy.

How Does Parking Made Easy Work?

Parking Made Easy has made it easy for those looking to rent monthly parking by connecting those with the supply to those with the demand. They have developed a digital marketplace where those looking to rent monthly parking spaces can connects with those who have unused or underused spaces that are available to be reserved for monthly parking. The renter benefits by making extra cash and the individual who needs the monthly parking can rent it at a reasonable price. The marketplace is truly a win-win for everyone involved.

By signing up as a member, you receive these benefits!

  • Pay reasonable rent rates for your monthly parking needs
  • Save time by knowing exactly where you will be parking
  • No more worrying about parking fines!
  • Add value to locals in the community by supporting them through renting their spaces for monthly parking
  • Money-back guarantee on your Parking Made Easy membership.

The Benefits of Monthly Parking: Convenience, Savings, and More

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