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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Melrose Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Melrose Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

For passengers flying out of Melbourne Airport, Melrose Airport Parking offers both short and long-term parking. Founded in 1994, this family-run company has been in operation ever since. With easy access to and from the car park, Melrose Airport Parking is in a great location on Melrose Drive, just off the Western Ring Road and Tullamarine Freeway. This is the closest parking facility to the airport.

What does Melrose Airport Parking do?

When you go on the Melrose Airport Parking website, the first thing that you see is a brief presentation of their services. Melrose Airport Parking offers long and short-term parking services, including Vehicle Services & Repairs. So, if you plan on flying from Melbourne Airport, or simply want to have your car repaired while being away, Melrose Airport Parking might be one of the best choices for you.

Melrose Airport Parking Review A Comprehensive Guide

Can I book parking online?

In terms of functionality, the booking feature is easy and quick. However, the booking feature is quick only if you have a few minutes to look for your flight number or vehicle registration number. After introducing these details along with your personal information and the entry and exit dates and times, Melrose Airport Parking quickly generates the most relevant options. If you are on your way to Melbourne Airport and thinking about quickly booking parking, then you might find Melrose Airport Parking’s design and requirements struggling.

Regarding its design, this is simple, and all information is extremely visible and accessible to any user. While introducing your details to book parking, you can simply see on the left a friendly list with all their parking rates. When compared to other car parks, Melrose Airport Parking has affordable parking rates. If you plan on staying for one day, you will pay around $29, while for two days parking would cost you $45. If you plan on spending a week on your trip, parking will cost you around $110, and for two weeks that is $176.

Melrose Airport Parking offers a personalized and prompt valet service, on-demand shuttle service to the airport, luggage assistance, car wash packages, and even benefits for corporate travel.

How to contact them about parking

If you have any questions regarding any of their services, you can see Melrose Airport Parking’s phone number at any point during your navigation.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • On-demand shuttle services
  • Short and long-term parking
  • Car wash packages
  • Extremely close to Melbourne Airport
  • Vehicle repair services
  • Luggage assistance


  • Booking takes time
  • Limited parking options

Man Heading To Parked Car At Airport

In terms of online reviews from its customers, there are none available on Melrose Airport Parking.

Should you buy Melrose Airport Parking’s services?

  • Buy if you are flying from Melbourne Airport and want your car cleaned and repaired while you are away
  • Don’t buy if you need more parking options

As mentioned earlier, Melrose Airport Parking offers limited parking options. They accommodate all kinds of travel at Melrose Airport Parking, from short weekend getaways to extended international travels. Since they offer a valet service, all you need to do to check in is park your car in one of the bays in the front yard and go to the office to meet with a member of Melrose Airport Parking’s staff.

Following the loading of your luggage onto the shuttle, you will promptly depart. Those who are dropping off loved ones at the airport can take advantage of a special rate of $18 for 4 hours or less, which includes free shuttle transfers for your convenience. Considering these points, even if Melrose Airport Parking does not provide many parking options, the ones available are convenient and affordable.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

Although Melrose Airport Parking’s website looks less professional, it is far more noticeable and easily reached than the one of its competition, Goodyear Parking. These two websites differ greatly from one another despite serving the identical objective of providing parking services to the Melbourne Airport.

Same as Goodyear Parking, Melrose Airport Parking offers car maintenance or repairs while you are away. On the other side, Melrose Airport Parking is more reasonably priced than Goodyear Parking. However, the latter offers a 10% discount on your parking booking when you reserve online and provides more parking options.

Melrose Airport Parking A Detailed Summary of Services

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