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Looking4 Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Are you looking for affordable parking in Airlie Beach Port or in any Australian airport? Looking4 Parking can help you beat the crowds of people boarding ships at Airlie Beach Port or at the airports, where thousands of people do so each day. By offering two distinct parking options, you can park your car only, or your car plus your trailer in undercover parking spaces.

What does Looking4 Parking do?

According to Looking4 Parking’s statements, they operate in over 15 countries over the world, providing undercover parking solutions to Australians. Millions of customers use Looking4 Parking to book parking through this website. It covers the Airlie Beach Port and all Australian airports. So, you can easily pick, book, or compare prices until you find the most relevant parking option for you.

Looking4 Parking Review The Pros and Cons of Using Their Services

Can I book parking online?

For improved functionality, you can easily book parking and request the quote to be emailed to you instantly. In terms of parking prices, they are not as affordable as it was expected. You might pay around $100 for two days of parking your car with Looking4 Parking. However, Looking4 Parking states that 94% of their customers come back again to use their services.

Also, if you book your parking in advance, you may benefit from a 60% discount on your booking. This is extremely convenient considering their parking rates. In terms of design, Looking4 Parking has all the information displayed visibly at each point during your navigation. If you are looking for their parking services, you can find them easily by scrolling down on the Looking4 Parking website.

Looking4 Parking can find you the best deal because of their access to more than 59 parking lots at more than 19 ports. After you simply choose your departure airport in the quote feature, Looking4 Parking will give you a detailed list of parking lots so you can compare amenities and costs. This service is extremely convenient if you are looking to compare prices until you find the best one, but it may become time-consuming for the same reason.

How to contact them about parking

Also, if you have questions regarding their parking options or prices, you can check their FAQ to find the answer to your requirements. Even if this FAQ section is helpful, Looking4 Parking does not provide a phone number or an email. So, if you have urgent questions or issues with your booking, there is no support from their side. From this point of view, Looking4 Parking provides poor customer service.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Pick, book, or compare prices between car parks
  • Millions of customers
  • 60% discount when booking parking online
  • Access to more than 59 parking lots at more than 19 ports
  • Friendly design
  • Quick functionality


  • Expensive parking rates
  • Slow customer service

Passenger Waiting Flight Airport After Parking Car

Looking4 Parking has a 3.4-star rating out of 21,425 reviews on Trustpilot. When compared to many other car parks, having over 20,000 reviews means many people use Looking4 Parking’s services. In terms of the balance between negative and positive reviews, Looking4 Parking’s reviews are 71% positive, while only 8% of these reviews are 1-star ones. Most reviewers appreciate the quick service and the customer support, although it is slow.

On the other side, Adrian Ghergheles, one reviewer, mentioned his annoyance with the inexistent contact methods. He mentioned booking parking through Looking4 Parking and having his flight canceled. When he tried to contact Looking4 Parking to cancel or modify his booking, they said they will respond within 72 hours. This issue of poor customer service was raised by Apostol Bashev, another reviewer, who paid for his booking through Looking4 Parking’s website, without receiving the quote. When trying to contact them, he received the answer that his money will be refunded. However, this did not happen.

Should you buy Looking4 Parking’s services?

  • Buy if you want to pick, book, or compare prices in more than 59 parking lots at more than 19 ports
  • Don’t buy if you find booking from car parks more trustworthy

Looking4 Parking allows you to pick, book, and compare prices in more than 59 parking lots at more than 19 ports. You should buy their services if this type of portal is convenient for you. By comparing different options, you will certainly find the right one for you. In terms of parking options, Looking4 Parking has three available ones. The Onsite Parking is provided by the airport you choose through the Looking4 Parking website.

If you are looking for the quickest and most practical method of airport parking, Looking4 Parking provides Meet & Greet parking. You just book parking through their website, drive to the terminal, find the driver, grab your luggage, and be on your way. The most economical parking option is the Park & Ride option, with a typical 5 to 10-minute shuttle ride. Normally, the shuttles operate continuously and as needed.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

In terms of its competition, Looking4 Parking competes with Uber, council parking, and even the car parks on its website. If you do not feel like Looking4 Parking’s cancelation process and poor customer service are what you are looking for, then you can directly book parking through the car park they propose in your results. It might be more convenient and trustworthy, although this alternative might also be pricier.

A Comprehensive Look at Looking4 Parking Services Prices and More

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