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Parking Made Easy > Blog > King George Square Car Park Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

King George Square Car Park Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Let's discuss the parking service at King George Square Car Park provided by the Brisbane City Council. This service is perfect for those looking to park in the heart of Brisbanes Central Business District (CBD). It offers information about the car park, such as its location, operating hours and parking fees.

What services does King George Square Car Park offer?

King George Square Car Park caters to both short term and long term parking needs. You have the flexibility to park your vehicle for a hours a day or an extended period. Moreover there are parking options including casual and reserved parking.

The website features a user-friendly interface with an organized layout. It allows you to easily access information and navigate through the site to reserve your parking space.

King George Square Car Park Review Is It Worth Your Time and Money

Can I make reservations for parking?

Booking parking on the website is uncomplicated and easy. You can select your desired date and time for parking after which the site will display spots. With a few clicks, you can reserve your preferred parking spot.

However booking parking on the website is not an option so you'll need to download the CellOPark Australia app to reserve a spot at King George Square Car Park. Alternatively, you can pay for parking using the pay stations in the car park or via eCom.

The website is user-friendly and informative, providing all details for parking your car in the city center. It offers an user experience with its contemporary design.

With its design that adapts to screen sizes, the website ensures easy access from any device. The booking process is efficient. Payment transactions are secure, instilling confidence in your booking process.

The map featured on their website proves invaluable for locating the car park and planning your route effectively. It displays a view of the area, including neighboring car parks, facilitating route selection for your journey.

How to contact them about parking

For inquiries about parking arrangements at King George Square Car Park, multiple contact options are available on their website, such as phone and email. Stay updated on their services through their presence on social media platforms. The customer support at King George Square Car Park is top notch with helpful staff ready to assist with any questions you may have whether via email or in person.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Easy mobile booking feature
  • Affordable parking rates
  • Ideal location in Brisbane
  • Diverse parking choices


  • Limited parking availability during busy times
  • Automated payment kiosks can be challenging to locate
  • No monthly parking options available
  • Lengthy wait times during peak hours

A Comprehensive Review of King George Square Car Park Pros and Cons

Reviews on Trustpilot and Google Reviews generally reflect positive feedback about King George Square Car Park, particularly highlighting its location and security. Some negative reviews mention issues with the payment machines. Long wait times during peak periods. Nonetheless the management team is quick to address these concerns, showcasing their dedication to enhancing their services.

Should you buy King George Square Car Park services?

  • Buy if you're seeking a parking solution in Brisbane
  • Avoid if you require monthly parking options

One compelling reason to invest in the parking services offered by King George Square Car Park is its location in Brisbane. Whether you're in town for business or pleasure, this parking facility offers access to attractions, shopping hubs, and public transit. Reserving your spot in advance can help you secure a parking space and cut down on both time and costs.

If you're on a budget, King George Square Car Park may not be the economical option for you. Parking rates at this location can be higher compared to other facilities, especially during busy periods or events. Moreover, if your stay in the city is long term, note that King George Square Car Park doesn't offer monthly parking options. In cases, it's advisable to explore parking solutions in the vicinity.

How does their competition fare in terms of parking services?

In the realm of competing with King George Square Car Park, QueensPlaza Car Park stands out by providing parking options in Brisbane CBD. You can easily reserve either assigned or unassigned parking spots for a month through their website, giving you the flexibility to come and go as needed. However, it's worth noting that parking fees at King George Square Car Park are considerably lower than those at QueensPlaza Car Park.

If you're looking to stay for five hours, QueensPlaza Car Park will cost you $60, whereas its $10 for the same duration at King George Square Car Park. So, if you're thinking about reserving parking for a month QueensPlaza Car Park is your bet between the two options. However, if you just need to park for less than a day, King George Square Car Park might end up being six times cheaper than QueensPlaza Car Park.

King George Square Car Park A Detailed Summary of Services and Amenities

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