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Parking Made Easy > Blog > A Guide To Accessible Parking For People With Disabilities In Australia

A Guide to Accessible Parking for People with Disabilities in Australia

Disability parking sign in Australia showing a wheelchair symbol on a blue background

Finding a suitable parking space can be an aggravating ordeal, but for people with disabilities, it can be a significant barrier to getting out and about. Thankfully, Australia has a robust system of accessible parking to ensure everyone can participate in daily activities. This blog will provide you with the knowledge necessary to understand and utilise accessible parking spaces in Australia.

Who is eligible for Accessible Parking?

A permit for accessible parking is issued to individuals with mobility-impairing disabilities. This can include people who:

  • Use a wheelchair
  • Have difficulty walking long distances
  • Require assistance getting in and out of a vehicle

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What Makes a Parking Space Accessible?

Accessible parking spots are designed with wider aisles and extra manoeuvring space to allow for easier transfer from a vehicle to a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Here are some key features:

Spacious Design:

Accessible parking spaces are significantly larger than standard spaces. This allows for easier opening of car doors and manoeuvring of mobility aids.


Adequate overhead clearance ensures there's enough space for vans with raised roofs or other specialised vehicles.

Access Aisles:

A designated access aisle runs alongside the accessible parking space, providing essential room for deploying ramps or assistance devices.

High-Visibility Markings:

Accessible parking spaces are clearly marked with the international symbol of access and often have bright pavement markings for better visibility.


These upright posts next to the access aisle create a safe zone for deploying ramps and transferring from the vehicle.

Accessible parking space with blue wheelchair symbol painted on the ground


Using Accessible Parking Permits

The Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPS) governs accessible parking across the country. Each state and territory has its own application process for obtaining a disability parking permit. The permit itself is a recognisable placard that must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard whenever parked in a designated accessible space.

Important Reminders

Never park in an accessible space without a valid permit.

Doing so can significantly impact those who rely on these designated spots. A simple act of inconsiderate parking can create a major obstacle for someone who needs extra space to safely exit their vehicle.

Be mindful of time limits.

Some accessible parking spaces may have specific time restrictions, so be sure to check signage before parking. This ensures everyone who needs to use the space has a fair chance to park for their designated time.

Park correctly within the designated lines.

This ensures there's enough space for everyone to safely manoeuvre and use the access aisle. Leaving even a small amount of your car outside the lines can significantly reduce the usable space in the access aisle.

Parking Made Easy: Accessible Parking for All

Finding parking shouldn't be a hurdle. By understanding and respecting accessible parking regulations, we can create a more inclusive atmosphere for everyone. If you have a spare driveway or garage space you'd like to share, consider listing it on Parking Made Easy! Our platform connects drivers with convenient and affordable parking options, making life easier for everyone on the road. Sign up today and be part of the solution!


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