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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Gold Coast Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Gold Coast Airport Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Having your car conveniently located near the Gold Coast Airport is a game changer whether you're arriving or departing. Gold Coast Airport Parking Parking offers the parking options that will streamline your travel experience.

Opting for parking at Gold Coast Airport allows you to park by the terminal, setting the stage for a start or end to your journey compared to other parking choices. With four car parks and over 2,000 spots available, there's a parking solution at the airport for every budget.

Gold Coast Airport Parking Review Everything You Need to Know

What does Gold Coast Airport Parking do?

Gold Coast Airport Parking provides all you need when it comes to airport parking. When flying from Gold Coast Airport, choosing one of their parking facilities ensures you're steps away from the terminals.

Their services cover reserved spots in locations within the airport – including covered and uncovered short-term and long-term parking. You can choose from Premium Covered Parking (the nearest to the terminal), Terminal Parking with both term and long term selections, and Budget Parking for affordable rates. For instance, you could spend $20 for a day if you opt for Budget Uncovered Parking.

Gold Coast Airport Parking is practical, user-friendly, and provides the convenience of searching for parking spaces based on location and date, reviewing availability and pricing details, and making reservations. Despite the parking choices being showcased on one page of the airports website, you can swiftly secure a reservation from any section while exploring your parking alternatives.

Is it possible to reserve parking online?

Making an advance booking for parking alongside your flight ticket purchase is incredibly convenient. When embarking on a journey involves an amount of stress, worrying about parking won't be part of that list. The process of reserving parking on the website is simple—you can initiate it by browsing through the parking options.

Then, you'll need to specify your location and dates. As you select your desired parking spot, take note of its location, rates and benefits. Following this step is entering your information along with flight details and completing the payment process. This booking functionality saves time since you can do it whenever it suits you and ensures a hassle experience upon reaching the airport.

The website boasts a crafted design with an uncluttered layout that's easy to comprehend and navigate. The interface and user experience are designed to be user friendly, making it simple for individuals to locate what they need. Gold Coast Airport Parking includes a map that indicates the positions of parking spaces and their availability.

The map is particularly user friendly as it uses colors to indicate the type of parking each spot offers. By viewing the locations and prices of each parking option before initiating the booking process, you will have an idea of what to expect.

Ways to reach out Gold Coast Airport Parking regarding their services

Additionally, Gold Coast Airport Parking offers contact methods, such as phone, email and live chat. The customer support on the website is both responsive and accommodating.

Pros and Cons of Gold Coast Airport Parking A Comprehensive Review

Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing these parking services


  • Accessible disabled parking spaces
  • Discounted rates when booking Long term Terminal parking online
  • Extremely convenient when flying from Gold Coast Airport
  • Competitive pricing


  • Inability to book short term parking online
  • Limited availability of spots in certain areas
  • Charge equivalent to a full day's parking if cancellation occurs less than 12 hours before booking
  • Restricted choices in terms of Parking options

As per Trustpilot and Google Reviews, customers generally report positive experiences with the services offered by Gold Coast Airport Parking. Many people appreciate the website for its user interface and convenient parking options at locations.

While some customers have raised concerns about spot availability in areas and extra charges for certain parking spots, overall most reviews are positive, highlighting the reliability and efficiency of the service.

Should you buy Gold Coast Airport Parking services?

  • Buy if you are flying from the Gold Coast Airport for maximum convenience
  • Don’t buy if you are looking for more parking options

One compelling reason to choose Gold Coast Airport Parking is their range of options. From short term to long term parking, and covered to uncovered parking, this flexibility allows you to select the option that aligns best with your requirements and budget. For those flying out of Gold Coast Airport, proximity to your terminal could be a factor in your decision making process.

On the other side, there are drawbacks like inability to book short term parking online spots in certain areas, cancellation fees within 12 hours of booking, and restricted parking alternatives. If these factors are deal breakers for you then Gold Coast Airport Parking may not meet your preferences.

How about the parking services offered by their competitors?

So if you're departing from Gold Coast Airport but would rather not park at the airport, you could consider choices, like council parking, or using an Uber.

Gold Coast Airport Parking A Detailed Summary of Services

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