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Go To Airport Parking Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

Looking for parking, but there are too many choices to choose from? Go To Airport Parking fixed this issue by providing a platform where you can check, pick, compare, and book parking from many car parks. They provide information and booking features for almost all airports in Australia. If you are a driver who is not sure about what to choose, this informative website that also provides booking features is a great choice for you.

What does Go To Airport Parking do?

By simply entering your nation, city, or airport, you can see a page with a detailed description of the facility. You decide whether you will need a kid seat or shuttle bus, as well as whether you will require parking for a car, motorcycle, or bike. Go To Airport Parking gives you a full range of choices, starting with the least expensive.

The map clearly shows each of your parking alternatives along with how far they are from the airport. You can also get international airport reserved parking if you are flying internationally. For these reasons, the functionality and design of Go To Airport Parking provide an excellent user experience as everything is clear, visible, and easy to use.

Airport Parking Lot With Cars

Can I book parking online?

Go To Airport Parking’s system allows you to compare available parking spaces by amenities. There are many various options to select from when it comes to airport parking, and each traveler’s needs are different. Due to great functionality, you can easily see if the airport offers baggage assistance, a travel agent on site, valet parking, and whether the lot is secure.

After selecting your requirements, you can easily book parking through this website. However, in terms of design, there is room for improvement as it is confusing and too crowded on the screen. Because of this, you might struggle to find information apart from the booking feature.

How to contact them about parking

If you have questions, there is no method of contact available on the website.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Pick and compare various Australian airports’ parking
  • Booking is easy
  • Many options sorted by relevance
  • Blog included with tips on best airport parking


  • No Contact method
  • Confusing design

Go To Airport Parking has a 3.2-star review on Trustpilot out of 2 reviews. Accordingly, one reviewer gave a 5-star rating, while the other one chose to rate G To Airport Parking with 1-star. Monte, the reviewer with the negative rating, refers to Go To Airport Parking’s website’s functionality.

He mentioned trying to calculate parking for a certain extended period, and the website did not work properly. On a more positive note, Kaitlyn Zoey appreciated the quick booking feature that came in handy when her car needed safe and reliable parking.

Should you check Go To Airport Parking’s services?

  • Check if you want to compare airport parking from different car parks to find the best deal for you
  • Don’t check if you want to book parking directly from the car parks’ websites

As mentioned repeatedly, Go To Airport Parking provides informative services on almost all Australian airports’ parking. Also, after comparing prices, you can book parking through their service. For these reasons, you should certainly check their services at least.

On the other side, its trustworthiness is not great due to not having Contact methods, and having a confusing design, although you might get relevant information and booking options according to your requirements.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

In terms of Go To Airport Parking’s main competition, this might be any of the car parks available on their websites. Considering that you are looking for trustworthy, and safe parking, you might want to check the car park’s website before booking. In the end, users might choose Go To Airport Parking only for their informative service, not necessarily the booking feature.

Go To Airport Parking Review Is It Worth It

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