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Gabba Central Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

The Gabba Central Shopping Centre is a liked spot for shopping in Brisbane with its website tailored for visitors to explore the offerings. If you're keen on shopping, dining or enjoying entertainment at the Gabba Central Shopping Centre, you have the option to utilize their parking facility.

Gabba Central Review Is It Worth Your Time and Money

What services does Gabba Central provide?

Gabba Central's website acts as a user platform for shoppers and guests to stay informed about the events and promotions at the Gabba Central Shopping Centre. While it may not be immediately apparent when visiting the site, they also offer short term parking services in their car park.

Visitors can enjoy parking for up to three hours when visiting Gabba Central for lunch, dinner or a quick bite. Additionally, if you're there for groceries or other brief activities their underground car park is an option to park your vehicle while you handle your tasks.

The website is simple to navigate with a user-friendly layout. The homepage presents categories to choose from such as shopping, dining and upcoming events. By clicking on any of these categories, you can view a list of stores, restaurants and events at the center. The website also includes a search bar that allows users to look up stores or events.

Is it possible to reserve parking online?

However when it comes to parking details, they are briefly mentioned on the 'What's On' page of the website. Gabba Central doesn't provide information about parking rates or options. From what's mentioned, it seems that parking is intended for short term use than long stays spanning days, weeks or months.

In terms of its design, the website features visuals, showcasing the offerings of the shopping center. It has a handy appearance, and optimization for mobile devices, making it easily accessible on any screen size.

The user interface of the website is user friendly and straightforward to navigate. The layout is uncomplicated with labeled menu options that facilitate navigation. By maintaining a structure throughout, Gabba Central ensures that users can quickly locate the information they seek.

The map on their site is user-friendly and aids in navigating around the shopping center. You can easily access details about the shops, restaurants and events' locations to help you plan your visit effectively.

Pros and Cons of Using Gabba Central for Your Business

How to Reach Out Regarding Parking

Various contact options are listed on their website, such as a phone number and an email address. You can also reach them through a contact form. Moreover, the customer service provided at the center is exceptional with staff ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Convenient and easily accessible parking facility
  • Short term parking available
  • User friendly website interface
  • Complimentary parking for the 3 hours


  • Lack of online booking feature
  • Limited choices for parking spaces
  • Restricted availability of parking spots
  • Inadequate information about parking on the website

Gabba Central A Comprehensive Review of Its Services

Feedback on Trustpilot and Google Reviews regarding Gabba Centrals services has been positive. Customers have commended the parking facilities, range of events, and helpfulness of the staff.

Some customers have mentioned that there are limited parking spaces, and traffic congestion during busy periods, as areas that could be improved upon. The reviews overall indicate that Gabba Central offers a shopping and parking experience despite having parking choices and availability.

Thinking of using Gabba Centrals services?

  • Consider it if you need parking in Brisbane
  • Maybe not if you prefer different parking options

One good reason to opt for Gabba Central's parking services is their rates compared to nearby options. You can park without worrying about costs especially if you plan on staying for a while. At Gabba Central, your first three hours of parking are free.

On the other side, it might not be the choice for extended parking needs since they mainly offer short term options. If you anticipate needing to park for longer periods, you might want to explore alternatives.

In cases, finding a facility that provides long term parking services could be more suitable. Additionally, the parking spaces at Gabba Central may fill up quickly during peak times, leading to limited availability.

How do their competitors parking services stack up?

Compared to other parking options, South Bank Car Park stands out for its space offering over 800 underground parking spots. Unlike Gabba Central which caters to short term parking needs, South Bank Car Park provides a range of options including Early Bird Parking, Night Parking, Monthly Parking, and various discounts and special rates. Additionally, South Bank Car Park is particularly convenient for those who prefer booking their parking online.

The Pros and Cons of Using Gabba Central for Your Business

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