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Parking Made Easy > Blog > Flagstaff Car Park Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Flagstaff Car Park Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Currently offering various parking options, Flagstaff Car Park suits everyone’s needs. Located in Melbourne, Flagstaff Car Park provides short-term and long-term parking solutions for your budget. Having a ticketless registration recognition system, parking at Flagstaff Car Park will surely be a convenient and fast experience.

A Comprehensive Review of Flagstaff Car Park Pros Cons and Services

What does Flagstaff Car Park do?

Flagstaff Car Park is located in Melbourne and provides short-term and long-term parking solutions. If you are planning on staying for a short term, then you choose the Early Bird Parking option that is available only online. Although this exclusivity is great when booking parking online, it might be inconvenient if you do not have time to book parking online and go directly to the car park.

Once you get there before 9.30 am and be sure that you will exit by 8 pm, it can be inconvenient to not be able to get the Early Bird parking rate. However, the daily parking rates are affordable as you might pay around $8 for staying under 30 minutes, and $24 for one hour. Still, if you have unexpected things to do and will have your car parked at the Flagstaff Car Park for more than 1 hour, you can pay up to $49, which is certainly not an affordable rate.

In terms of functionality, Flagstaff Car Park’s website works great, especially because of its approach of having all the sections on one page. Even if this might be confusing in terms of design, you can still access the other section at any point by using the sticky header. This means that the menu follows you during your navigation, improving the user experience as you are still in control of which page you want to be on.

Can I book parking online?

Although Early Bird is exclusively available only on the website, this one is the only parking option that can be booked online. This means that there is no online booking feature available for Monthly, Weekend, or even daily parking. This might be inconvenient as you can only book parking if you know you are going to park at the Flagstaff Car Park from 9.30 am until a minimum of 2.30 pm. If you are looking to book Monthly Parking online, that is not possible.

In terms of design, as mentioned earlier, Flagstaff Car Park is designed in a way that you are on a journey designated by them. So, you start by checking the Early Bird parking, the only one possible to book online, and while scrolling down, you can also see the other parking options. Although the design is straightforward, there is room for improvement as it seems sloppy and unfinished in some sections.

If you are not sure about how to get to the car park’s location, Flagstaff Car Park also includes an interactive map that is extremely helpful for directions.

How to contact them about parking

If you have concerns or questions about Flagstaff Car Park’s services, you can always call them, email them, or submit a form with your concern or question.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Conveniently located in Melbourne
  • Early Bird Parking
  • Monthly Parking
  • Special Night, Weekend, and Public Holiday parking rates
  • Maximum Height of Car Park is 2.3 m
  • Ticketless entry


  • Early Bird parking is available only online
  • Online booking feature available only for Early Bird
  • No prices shown for Monthly Parking
  • No refund for vehicles exceeding the size limits of a standard car
  • Expensive rates when staying more than 1 hour
  • No Cash payments

Flagstaff Car Park A Detailed Analysis of Its Services and Features

In terms of online reviews about its services, Flagstaff Car Park has a 3-star rating on HelpmeCovid out of 44 reviews. There is a certain balance between the positive and negative reviews as there are 16 reviews of 1 star and the same number for 5 stars. Kelly G, a reviewer who does not recommend Flagstaff Car Park, mentioned being charged $80 on Early Bird parking because she did not park on the right level of the car park. This means that you need to be careful where Early Bird parking is available since the signs are not helpful enough.

Xiaoxi, another reviewer in the same situation, mentioned being charged additionally and not being able to find anyone to talk to about the issue. This certainly proves that there is room for improvement in terms of customer support. However, there are many positive reviews about the cleanliness of the car park, affordability of the price, and easiness of using Flagstaff services.

Should you buy Flagstaff Car Park services?

  • Buy if you are looking for affordable Early Bird parking
  • Don’t buy if you are looking for the option of booking any parking option online

Flagstaff Car Park is a Melbourne-based parking service that offers various parking options, including short-term and long-term parking solutions. The company has a convenient ticketless entry system and an interactive map to help customers find the location. So, if you are looking for these advantages, then Flagstaff Car Park is the right choice for you.

However, the Early Bird parking option is only available online and the online booking feature is only available for Early Bird parking. Additionally, the design of the website can be confusing, and the rates can be expensive for those who stay for more than an hour. The reviews for Flagstaff Car Park are mixed with some customers having negative experiences with additional charges and unclear parking instructions. For these reasons, Flagstaff Car Park might not be the best choice for your parking needs.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

Same to Flagstaff Car Park, Golden Square Car Park does not provide an online booking feature on its website. Although you can book Early Bird parking on Flagstaff Car Park’s website, you are still not able to book other parking options. So, either one you choose for parking, you will need to go directly to the car park and check for the availability of parking spots there. In terms of parking rates, both car parks have similar prices, and none provides information on the price of the Monthly Parking.

Is Flagstaff Car Park Worth Your Time and Money A Review

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