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Find Parking And Live A Better Life

Why Parking is Important?

The wonderful part about owning a car is that you have unfettered access to the countryside. There are hardly any limitations to the journeys you decide to take, outside of your will to go and if your vehicle can take you there. Living in a vast country like Australia, this is an amazing choice to have.

With a personal vehicle, the countryside isn’t necessarily your only destination. There are many cities to discover. You will find the urban landscape of the large Australian cities is an entirely different adventure. The biggest centers, like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart have an array of amazing activities and sights that are well worth seeing. If you are going to be experiencing these cities and traveling by car, it is especially important to be able to find parking for your vehicle.

Why do we go to all the trouble to find and park our cars? The answer is quite simple. Imagine a world in which there were no rules for parking and anyone at any time could stop and leave their car anywhere they saw fit. This would be chaos! The need to find parking and park your vehicle in some semblance of reasonable order allows the vast number of people that do drive vehicles, to do so without the world descending into madness. You can see a preview of this in some developing countries that are just building their driving infrastructure. If they don’t have as many clear-cut laws around driving and parking, the streets are not only chaotic, they can be dangerous.

Find Parking and Live a Better Life: Tips and Tricks

The Benefits of Parking

There are many clear benefits of parking your car. Most people haven’t considered these as benefits because we take for granted the gift of our mobility. These are a few of the benefits being able to find parking for your car gives you.

  • It removes the necessity to determine your schedule based on the public transit system. By being able to drive somewhere, find parking and park your vehicle, you are giving yourself an open-ended ticket to go whenever you please
  • Parking your vehicle gives you a meeting point if you have travelled with a group of people. This is especially handy for festivals and fairs. It is also beneficial for large concerts and sports games.
  • By parking your vehicle, there is no need to worry about having your being towed away by the authorities. If you chose to park illegally, your vehicle could be impounded, leading to a set of challenges no one wants to have to face
  • Parking gives your vehicle a chance to cool down. This is important on longer road trips and in the summer heat.

Why Being Able to Find Parking is Important

The last thing anyone wants to do is take 10, 20, 30 or even 40 minutes to find a suitable parking spot! This can be a challenge in certain places and at certain times. If you are driving to an area and are spending time trying to find parking, you have better things to do with your time. There are events to attend, experiences to have and people to see. All the time you spend trying to find parking is time not spent doing other, more valuable activities.

The easiest way to realise how important being able to find parking is to visualize situations where you need parking and are unable to find it. Imagine these scenarios.

  • Your wife is in labor and about to deliver a baby. You drive to the hospital but cannot find any parking.
  • You are running late to an important meeting and realize that you were the one responsible for picking up lunch. You go to the deli but there is no parking to be found and even after looking, you can’t find parking.
  • Your children are performing in a school play and you can make it on time after work. You pull up to the school and try to find parking but there isn’t an available spot for blocks and blocks.

By considering situations in which you cannot find parking, it becomes clear how necessary it is to be able to find parking easily and quickly. That is why you should be using a service that allows you to reserve your own parking space.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Parking and Improving Your Life

The Benefits of Being Able to Find Parking

Being able to find parking easily is also beneficial. You alleviate the stress that typically comes with the search for a suitable space. You can plan drive time with increased accuracy. If you know where and when you are going to park, you do not need to give yourself buffer time to find the perfect spot. And finally, by being able to find parking, you reduce or remove the chance of you getting any parking fines. This is a benefit to you in two ways. It reduces stress and keeps your money where it belongs. In your own pockets!

Jeffrey’s Story - The Weekend Getaway

Take for example the case of Jeffrey. Jeffrey had a family of five. Three kids, himself and his wife. They lived about 30 minutes from the coast and the weekends were the only time they could get away to enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches. They would load up their family vehicle and drive to the coast every Saturday morning when the weather permitted. Living along the coast of Australia they enjoyed experiencing all the different beaches nearby. The problem was that they noticed that no matter which beach they chose to visit, no matter what time of the weekend, parking was an absolute nightmare! They always had trouble trying to find parking.

Where to Find Parking?

They would drive in circles, often spending 25-35 minutes looking for an available spot. When they finally found an available space, it was often a good distance from the beach which meant that there was a lot of walking before they arrived at the beach. They had a wagon for their beach stuff and for the younger children to sit in but it was often still quite the trek. The other issue was the cost of the parking.

How Finding Parking Can Improve Your Daily Routine

To park for a whole day would cost dozens of dollars. The high cost of the parking made it so they had less disposable income for the luxuries that make the beach even more fun, like ice cream and snacks. And finally, leaving their car on the street or in an open parking lot left them slightly worried about the safety of their belongings. There had been an incident the year prior when some opportunist criminal had seen the chance to snatch a few things and had broken their window. It was an uncommon occurrence but ever since that day, there was always some concern with leaving their car parked so far away, in an open parking lot.

The Parking Solution!

Jeffery had been trying to find a way to solve this problem but it seemed as if there weren’t very many great options. Either he wakes his family and kids up before the crack of dawn so they can arrive at the beach with enough time to find parking or accept the fact that he will have to pay high prices for an inconveniently placed, sometimes unsafe parking spot. He was relating this to a neighbor one evening after work and his neighbor had told him to try Parking Made Easy.

His neighbor had recently was able to find parking for his downtown job closer to his building and at a fraction of the cost! Jeffrey had never heard of the concept of renting a parking space from the owner. He decided he would look into it since he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How Finding Parking Can Improve Your Mental Health

What a difference it made for Jeffery and his family. At first, he was concerned about being locked into a membership. He was relieved to know that there was a 30-day money-back guarantee on his membership. After joining the Parking Made Easy community, he was able to find parking near all of his favorite beaches! Not only were they close but they were also priced reasonably and had the added safety of being at someone’s home instead of an open parking lot. Since he was reserving his spot, he didn’t have to drive around to find parking. This saved him time, which they used to play on the beach as a family. He felt great about supporting a local community member by renting their unused parking space, instead of supporting the corporate parking lots or city street parking.

The added bonus? No more parking fines! Receiving a parking fine had only happened a few times since their family had started visiting the local beaches but it was never a pleasant experience. There is no better way to sour a great afternoon than by coming back to your car and finding a parking fine under your wipers. Jeffery now only uses Parking Made Easy and lets his friends and family know that if you want to save money, save time and support locals in the community, Parking Made Easy is the service they need.

Never be Frustrated About Parking Again

Parking Made Easy is the parking service that allows you to choose your parking space from a local who has put theirs up for rent in the area. This means you can reserve your space and remove all the hassles of the need to find parking and paying ridiculous prices for parking your vehicle.

Have an extra space to rent? You can join the community and put your unused or underused space up for rent and make some extra disposable income.

Join the community today and receive a 30-day money-back guarantee on your membership fee!

How Finding Parking Can Improve Your Mental Health and Well-being

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