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Corporate Smartpark Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

Corporate Smartpark is the industry pioneer in providing discerning travelers with real undercover parking at Melbourne Airport and has been offering airport parking for more than 35 years. Corporate Smarpark provides great service, cost-effective airport parking, and safe and secure parking.

What does Corporate Smartpark do?

When you go on the Corporate Smarpark website, the first thing you will see is the Booking Online feature. However, although the button exists, the feature does not as the page is not working at all. The reason why it is not working is that it is not fully finished as a page on the website. So, even if it may seem as if Corporate Smartpark provides online booking options; there is no option like this on the website.

Corporate Smartpark Review Is It Worth the Investment

Can I book parking online?

In terms of Corporate Smartpark’s overall functionality, the website works fine, apart from the booking feature which does not work at all. You can easily access any section on the website and find details about Corporate Smartpark’s services, location, operating hours, and methods of contact. In case you booked parking in advance, but your flight is rescheduled outside of Corporate Smartpark’s operating hours, you would need to contact them and let them know about any change.

In case this happens, and you still need to get to Corporate Smartpark’s facility to pick up your car, you can pay a $100 fee and they will collect you to get your car. If not, you would have to get home by yourself and collect your car during operating hours.

How to contact them about parking

If you have questions about their services or need to contact Corporate Smartpark about any changes to your booking or flight, then you can find this information in their Contact section. If you need just to get to their location, you can easily use the interactive map in this section for directions.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Loyalty Program
  • Open also on request for delayed flights
  • Close to Melbourne Airport
  • Affordable parking rates for over 1 week


  • Poor functionality
  • No online booking features
  • Limited parking options
  • Expensive prices under 1 week of parking

On FlyParks, Corporate Smarpark has an 8.0-star rating, especially for its punctuality, kindness, and location. Most reviewers appreciate the customer support and quality of services.

Should you buy Corporate Smartpark services?

Pros and Cons of Using Corporate Smartpark Services

  • Buy if you are looking for the convenience of being close to the Melbourne Airport
  • Don’t buy if you would prefer to book parking online

As mentioned earlier, Corporate Smartpark provides parking services close to Melbourne Airport. So, if you are traveling from Melbourne Airport, parking with Corporate Smartpark might be a great choice for you. Since they do not provide a variety of parking options, you can expect to pay more for short-term parking, and less for long-term parking.

For example, if you plan on parking your car at the Corporate Smartpark facility for one day, you might pay around $40. However, if you plan on parking it for two days, this will cost you $60. If you are flying from Melbourne Airport and you will be away for one week, the Corporate Smartpark’s parking rate for this period is $114.

However, any parking over 1 week is affordable when compared to other nearby car parks because paying $177 for 2 weeks is an affordable rate. If you will be away for one month, parking your car at the Corporate Smartpark facility is around $290. So, when being away for longer periods of time, parking with Corporate Smartpark is a great choice.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

In terms of Corporate Smartpark’s competition, this is Uber, council parking, or even Melbourne Airport itself. Flying from this airport and parking your car in one of the Melbourne Airport’s parking facilities will surely bring you convenience. So, you will not need to worry about the journey to and from the airport to Corporate Smartpark.

A Comprehensive Summary of Corporate Smartparks Services

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