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Carparkit Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

As their motto suggests, Carparkit can help you search, and book for a parking space, while the only thing left for you to is to park when you arrive at the car park. Due to the simplicity of their services, Carparkit provides parking solutions in all major Australian cities.

What does Carparkit do?

The option of where you would want to park is the first item you see when you visit the Carparkit website. The closest parking around can be seen on the map when you enter the address. The functioning of this website up to this point has been outstanding, making it quick and simple to check the parking that is available.

Carparkit Review The Pros Cons and Everything You Need to Know

For improved efficiency, Carparkit offers many filters as Advanced Search, regarding getting the best and most relevant parking results. These include setting your budget and the maximum distance from the location you might accept. Whether you have a bicycle, motorbike, hatchback, sedan, van, or small truck, you can choose your parking spot according to your vehicle size.

For even more efficiency regarding the relevance of the results, Carparkit provides the possibility of picking a space type, such as carport, driveway, indoor lot, lockup garage, outside lot, or choosing the access type, including swipe card, ticket, code, gate, amongst many others.

Can I book parking online?

During the booking process, you can see the rates for any specific parking spot, including how much it costs to book for a day, a week, or a month. Therefore, in terms of user experience, Carparkit ticks many boxes since the functionality is great, the design is friendly and simple, and the booking process, including the map, is informative and easily visible.

In Australia, Carparkit collaborates with hotels and locals to maximize the use of available parking spaces by providing expertise and space to list an empty parking spot. Carparkit offers many advantages as the prices are affordable, results are based on location and budget, and the transaction can be made easily online.

How to contact them about parking

However, if you need to contact them regarding parking, that might not be easy. As a Contact method, they can be emailed only if you are a hotel owner, or manager and want to register a hotel for parking. As such, the customer service does not have the same standard as the great functionality and design.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • Affordable prices
  • Make an additional income as an Australian resident or hotel owner
  • Easy online booking
  • Many filters in Advanced Search
  • Quick service


  • Poor customer service
  • Not all property owners might be verified
  • Over-crowded parking spaces in hotels
  • Design could be improved

Outdoor Parking Lot With cars

Regarding their reviews, Carparkit has a huge customer base on their Facebook page. Accordingly, Carparkit has a 4.9-star rating out of 64 reviews, demonstrating a high quality in their services. When describing their services, customers use words such as easy, reliable, or great.
One reviewer, Ali, said that he thinks that he cannot park without using Carparkit’s services anymore. This review alone shows the customer’s appreciation and satisfaction with Carparkit’s services.

Should you buy Carparkit’s services?

  • Buy if you are looking for affordable prices or to make an additional income with your empty parking space
  • Don’t buy if you do not like parking in hotels, or over-crowded spaces

As previously mentioned, Carparkit offers great flexibility and Advanced Search for finding your best deal for parking. An innovative parking alternative is being developed by the social sharing business Carparkit for both cars and hotels with extra parking.

Drivers can search for and rent spaces for a variety of lengths of time by finding car spaces for hire. Opening the parking market to include hotel parking gives commuters a practical alternative and gives hotels a chance to make more money. Also, as a driver, you can book parking for one month in a locked garage and attractive location.

According to their statement, Carparkit wants to build a community on the internet that lowers parking fees and makes it easier to go about your everyday activities. Also, if you share their services to a friend, you can receive a 10% discount off your next parking. Considering Carparkit’s statement, their great reviews, and the overall functionality and design of their services, you should definitely at least check this website.

What about their competitor’s parking services?

In terms of their competition, Divvy Parking, their purpose is the same, including creating a platform for many types of users to find and rent parking. However, their designs are different because Divvy Parking has a much more modern design. Also, Divvy Parking offers many more services than Carparkit, including airport parking, and innovative parking technologies.

Is Carparkit Worth It A Comprehensive Review of Their Services

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