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Parking Made Easy > Blog > The Best Time For Driveway Cleaning: 11 Seasonal Tips For Homeowners

The Best Time for Driveway Cleaning: 11 Seasonal Tips for Homeowners

Being a homeowner, you're well aware of the importance of keeping your driveway clean and welcoming. It not only enhances the beauty of your property but also adds value to it. However, amidst all the tasks demanding your attention, maintaining a driveway can sometimes be overlooked. Neglecting this upkeep could lead to the growth of mold, algae and moss, eventually resulting in repairs down the line. According to a survey, 20% of homeowners may need to replace their driveways within the next five years due to damage caused by lack of maintenance.   

The key is not to feel overwhelmed by cleaning tasks. Understanding when is the best time during the year to focus on driveway maintenance can help you keep it in shape without adding too much burden. This article will guide you through the seasons for carrying out this task and provide some handy tips to simplify the process. So keep on reading! 

Spring cleaning 

As winter fades away and signs of spring start blooming, it's an opportunity to give your driveway a beginning.
Here are some tips, for cleaning your driveway in the spring

Driveway cleaning pressure cleaning

  • Pick up scattered debris 

Start by picking up any debris like twigs or leaves using a broom or leaf blower. It's best to choose a warm day for cleaning so that your driveway can dry quickly after the process.  

  • Tackle stains and dirt 

Next, deal with stains and dirt by using a pressure washer or a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle to get rid of seated grime. For stains, you might need to use a cleaner and scrub with a stiff brush.  

While you can certainly tackle the job yourself with some elbow grease and a pressure washer, you might want to consider hiring professionals for pressure cleaning services. They have the tools and expertise to save you time and ensure cleaning stubborn stains. 

  • Identify damage 

Keep an eye out for damage as you clean such as potholes or cracks caused by weather conditions or de-icing agents. Addressing these issues non can prevent them from turning into problems later on.   

Summer maintenance 

In the summer months, your driveway faces the brunt of sunlight and heat leading to fading and deterioration. Here’s how to care for your driveway: 

  • Seal cracks 

Check your driveway for any cracks or damage and fix them promptly to prevent issues. You'll need a good quality crack sealer made for your type of driveway. These sealers are easy to find in hardware stores. They come with simple applicators.  

  • Apply sealant 

While patching up cracks is important, giving your entire driveway a protective coat can step up your summer maintenance game. For those with asphalt driveways, its recommended to reapply the sealant every two to five years on average. 

  • Avoid harsh chemicals 

Avoid using chemicals when cleaning in the summer as they can strip off the protective sealant you've applied, leaving your driveway exposed. Opt for eco cleaners specially formulated for driveways. Many of these products are biodegradable. They won't harm your surroundings or add to pollution. 

Autumn preparation 

With the arrival of autumn and the falling leaves, it's important to get your driveway ready for the season: 

  • Clear leaves 

While the sight of vibrant autumn leaves cascading down is lovely, they can quickly become a hassle when they gather on your driveway. They can also pose a danger especially when wet, potentially causing stains on your driveways surface. Therefore, make sure to rake or blow away leaves from your driveway to prevent staining or slippery conditions. 

  • Address drainage issues 

Driveway cleaning on a sunny day

On a day, take the time to address any drainage issues in your driveway. Proper drainage is crucial to avoid water pooling and causing damage during the months. For driveways with a slope, consider installing a trench drain at the base to prevent water accumulation. 

Winter care 

When winter arrives with freezing temperatures and snowfall, it's essential to care for your driveway: 

  • Remove snow and ice 

Did you know that over 6.9 million people ended up in emergency rooms due to slip and fall accidents in 2021? Many of these incidents occur on driveways. Hence, it's vital to clear snow and ice from your driveway to prevent accidents. Use a snow shovel or snow blower for removal.
Make sure not to use tools made of metal that could potentially harm the surface. 

  • Use de-icing products sparingly 

When applying icing products opt for ones that are compatible with your driveway material, and use them in moderation to prevent any damage. 

  • Avoid heavy loads 

During the winter, avoid parking vehicles or machinery on your driveway as the additional weight may lead to cracks or other forms of damage. 


Keeping your driveway clean and well taken care of is an aspect of being a homeowner. By following these recommendations, you can maintain the appearance and longevity of your driveway. Remember, by tending to it, your driveway will continue to enhance the appeal of your home for years to come.

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