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Apollo Parking Review: Pros, Cons, Summary Of Services

If you're in Brisbane and looking for a place to park or heading out for the evening with uncertainty about parking, consider giving Apollo Parking a try. Situated on Margaret Street, Apollo Parking is centrally located in Brisbane offering cost-effective short term parking. It's an option for those needing a spot to park their car in the city for a period.

Curious about what Apollo Parking offers?

When you visit their website, you'll notice there's no option to make bookings online. The website mainly serves as a platform for the Apollo Parking facility on Margaret Street. Booking parking directly through the website isn't a feature.

One intriguing aspect of Apollo Parking's website is its layout. While they do provide parking services, there isn't a section highlighting these services. Instead, information like their approach, security measures, rates and contact details are all listed on the homepage menu.

To access information about each section mentioned above, simply scroll down on the page to find the relevant details. The website's design is visually appealing and modern with everything neatly organized in one place. However, this layout hinders the site's functionality.

Navigating through sections is not straightforward, and when you do find a section, the information provided is quite limited usually just a sentence or two. This indicates a need for enhancing each section of the website and possibly adding a booking feature.

Can I book parking online?

Since the website lacks a booking feature, you can only view Apollo Parking's pricing online. Then, physically visit the car park to park your vehicle. However, there might be instances where parking spots are not readily available. This could potentially disrupt your day as you may need to check availability at car parks.

While the design appears modern and well thought out, it would benefit from sections or additional details regarding Apollo Parking's services. Taking these aspects into account along with the reasons, it is evident that Apollo Parking falls short in delivering an optimal user experience on its website.

When it comes to finding directions on the website, there doesn't seem to be any information

How to inquire about parking options?

If you need details about Apollo Parking's services, you can reach out to them via phone or email. Alternatively, you can fill out a form on their website for any queries you may have. The parking facility's address is clearly displayed on their site, allowing you to locate it using Google Maps.

Pros and cons of using their parking services


  • Affordable short term parking rates
  • Early Bird Parking option
  • Monthly parking plans available
  • Central location


  • Lack of booking options
  • Limited information provided about services
  • Slow service response times
  • Absence of directional maps on the website
  • High monthly parking fees
  • Operational only from Monday to Friday

Pros and Cons of Using Apollo Parking An Honest Review

In terms of feedback, there are currently no reviews regarding Apollo Parking's services.

Should you opt for Apollo Parking services?

  • Buy if you are working in Brisbane close to Margaret Street
  • Don’t buy if you want to book parking online or are looking for cheaper parking rates

As previously mentioned, there is a scarcity of reviews and detailed information about Apollo Parking on their official websites. Looking for a budget short term parking option in Brisbane? Simply head to the car park. Check for spots yourself as there's no reservation system in place.

For visits lasting up to 20 minutes, parking at Apollo Parking will set you back $3, making it a wallet friendly choice if you're just popping out for a speedy shopping trip. Planning to shop for an hour? Budget around $10 for parking at Apollo Parking. Extend your errands to 2.5 hours, you'll be looking at a $25 parking fee.

Opting for short term parking with Apollo Parking seems like a decision given the rates and convenient location of the car park. However, if your plans involve a four hour stay, be prepared to shell out $50 – which might not be ideal if you're just heading in for a doctor's appointment or part time work.

Apollo Parking may not be the option for long term parking. If you're considering Monthly Parking, it would cost you $450 for 24/7 parking.

What about the parking services offered by their competitors?

On the one side, while Apollo Parking has long term parking, King St Parking, one of its rivals, doesn't offer monthly parking at all. So, when it comes to parking needs, Apollo Parking could still be a choice despite its higher cost.

On the other side, King St Parking provides a range of parking options. It boasts better design and functionality compared to Apollo Parking. However, neither of them offers a booking feature.

Apollo Parking A Summary of Their Services and Features

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