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Parking Made Easy > Blog > A1 Airport Parking Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

A1 Airport Parking Review: Pro, Cons, Summary Of Services

If you are looking for a parking spot while flighting from Melbourne Airport, then the A1 Airport Parking might be one of the best choices for you. It is located 5 minutes from Melbourne Airport and offers 24/7 safe and secure parking.

Worrying about parking and then having to travel by foot to the airport? The staff at A1 Airport Parking will provide you with a comfortable and no-charge shuttle bus ride to and from the airport. So, the only worry for you is to go on your way.

What does A1 Airport Parking do?

When you go on the A1 Airport Parking website, you are met with the booking feature.

A1 Airport Parking Review: The Pros and Cons of Their Services

Can I book parking online?

By selecting your entry, and exit dates and times, including your personal information, you can easily many relevant results generated by the website. Also, as an extra service, you can also wash your car.

The great and quick functionality and the friendly design construct together a great user experience as you can easily navigate through the services and choose the best one. In terms of these services, they are available 24 hours, while the parking at A1 Airport Parking has 24 hours security, free shuttle service, and covered parking.

If you would enjoy even more convenience, then Valet Parking is also for you as you can get extremely quickly to your gate. Also, you can add extra service luggage assistance that can assist you with getting your bags to and off your shuttle.

How to contact them about parking

In terms of methods of Contact, the A1 Airport Parking provides all possible methods. Accordingly, if you have questions about this parking, you can always call, email, fax them, or simply go to the location and talk to customer support. For these reasons, A1 Airport Parking provides safe and reliable customer service.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these parking services


  • 24-hour security
  • 24-hour access
  • Free shuttle service
  • Valet Parking
  • Car Wash
  • CONs

  • Not the best services for Melbourne residents
  • Limited reviews
  • Alternative Melbourne Airport Outdoor Parking Lot With Cars

    There are no reviews available online on A1 Airport Parking.

    Should you buy A1 Airport Parking’s services?

    • Buy if you need quick parking when flying from Melbourne Airport
    • Don’t buy if you need cheap parking as a Melbourne resident

    As mentioned previously, the functionality and design of A1 Airport Parking are great. Therefore, we highly recommend you at least check their services. The A1 Airport Parking facility is encircled by chain link fencing with barbed wire on top, is gated, well-lit, and constantly watched over by CCTV cameras.

    Their 2-way radio-equipped staff continuously monitors and patrols the parking facility around-the-clock. A1 Airport Parking’s employees are always there. Also, one of the most important things is that A1 Airport Parking is never closed. Knowing that your car will be secure at A1 allows you to unwind and enjoy your journey.

    To ensure that they transport you to and from Melbourne Airport in time for your trip, their shuttle buses run on demand. Simply give A1 Airport Parking a call when you get back to Melbourne Airport after retrieving your luggage, and the complimentary shuttle will be waiting for you at the entrance. For this reason, if you are planning on flying from Melbourne Airport, you should definitely consider the A1 Airport Parking’s services.

    In terms of prices, the A1 Airport Parking is extremely affordable when it comes to having your car parked for weeks. For example, you might pay around $119 for covered parking for one week, while for outdoor parking this will be $100. If you plan on having a 2-week trip outside of the country and need parking for the entire period, then you might pay $192 for covered parking, and $168 for outdoor parking.

    What about their competitor’s parking services?

    A1 Airport Parking and its competition, Andrew's Airport Parking , have many similarities and differences. In terms of similarities, both provide their parking services for all year, without closing. On the other side, although A1 Airport Parking provides many more services, Andrew’s Airport Parking has a bigger coverage, providing parking services in Melbourne, Launceston, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide, Ballina, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Perth.

    A Comprehensive Summary of A1 Airport Parking's Services

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