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Why? Mandy's Parking Story...

A big thanks to you for supporting Parking Made Easy by becoming a community member! Its members like you (and Mandy who needed a second car space) which keeps the website service up and running.

Mandy was one of the first Parking Made Easy members and Ill never forget her story... Living in a new apartment complex in Southbank (Melbourne), she is a full time mum with another baby on the way. Her mother in law had moved in to help out and her husband was using the single parking space allotted to them.

She was quite frustrated when I first heard from her, because trying to get to her pregnancy tests and take her elderly mother in law to the doctors on public transport or by taxi was a big inconvenience. Especially with her toddler. Her husband had a great job as an architect but needed the car for work.

Thankfully, Mandy was able to find a parking space for rent in her same building after purchasing a membership on ParkingMadeEasy.com.au. Now Mandy has a new car and the independence and freedom to do what she wants, when she wants. The last time I heard from Mandy, she was really excited to go shopping to decorate the nursery!

Thats what Parking Made Easy is really about. Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Parking Made Easy helps people live a better life whether they find parking or rent their unused car space to make some extra money.

Join now and become a premium member today and Save %50 Off.

P.s. As for the parking space owner, Dave, he now makes $200 per month in extra income. Its a win-win.

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