How to Appeal Car Parking Fines

Parking fines and tickets are never welcome so Parking Made Easy has searched online to find the best guides on how to appeal, contest and dispute your car parking ticket or fine.

Motorists have used excuses like incorrect registration details, illness, officer error, faulty meters, no offence and stolen number plates to beat parking tickets. Even when drivers admit fault, the fines in some cases are withdrawn based on exceptional circumstances, which include mechanical breakdown and medical emergency.

One common way to dispute an infringement is in writing with an explanation or appeal letter including supporting evidence such as photos, mechanical repair receipts or medical certificates.

Guide to Appealing Parking Fines

Many motorists pay questionable parking fines instead of appealing them - dont be taken for a ride! The following information is a broad guide on how to appeal car parking fines.

Firstly, understand why you were fined and what reasons you may have for appeal:

  • Penalty notice - Does the offence regulation code match its title? Does the make and registration number match your vehicle?
  • Parking signs - Are they visible from you were parked or were they covered by a tree or any structures?
  • Road markings - Are the bay markings clear and visible?
  • Lack of parking signs/markings - Are there signs or markings that should be there for the offence you were booked for (such as a “no stopping” sign that wasn’t there when you were fined for this offence)?
  • Continue reading this guide, access sample appeal letters and more.

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    The Council have parking fees listed on their sites but they are not up to date with the signs on those parks. Eg Southport Marine Parade shows fees from Mon to Saturday but signs recently went up before a major event: The Million Paws Walk, restricting parking to 2 hrs on a Sunday. This affected many who rang ahead when they registered to find free parking nearby- The event was 3-4 hours long by the time you entered, did the walk and returned to the car, especially for disabled people with no parking permit. A number of people unsuccessfully challenged the fine. RSPCA is considering moving the event. All very uncharitable.