How it works

Parking Made Easy connects drivers who are looking for a parking space with home owners who have an apartment car space, garage or driveway available. Residential parking spaces typically cost as much as 50% less than commercial parking operators, zero 0% commissions, no markups and no more expensive council parking fines either.


We invite you to see for yourself why so many people are members. Youll appreciate the convenience and value of the parking you find at Parking Made Easy. Thats our promise to you. If we fail to deliver on that promise, well refund your money. Its that simple.

  1. Join now and choose a flexible community membership that suits you.
  2. Contact car parking space, garage and driveway owners in your local area.
  3. Confirm payment terms with parking space owner and youre ready to park.
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Access Parking Near You And Live A Better Life

Find convenient parking, just like Lily. Have more time in your day to do what you want. Join now and rent a parking space.

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Home Owners

Home owners across Australia are making money by renting out their driveway, garage and car spaces to drivers who need parking. Its easy to List Your Space, there are zero 0% commissions, no markups and you get paid cash directly from drivers.

  1. Make money renting out your car space, its effortless to List Your Space.
  2. Youll be notified when a driver from the community wants to book your space.
  3. Confirm payment terms with the driver and youve made some easy money.
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List Your Space And Live A Richer Life

Norman makes money renting the unused car space he already has. It pays for trips away. Rent your space.

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